Manage Applicants better using Job Mail’s New CV Database

Many of you have been placing job adverts on Job Mail for years. In the past, managing these hundreds and thousands of applicants would have been a daunting and somewhat time consuming task. Job Mail is here to help. We realise that managing applications is a painstaking affair. Job Mail now has the ultimate solution to make finding that perfect expert easier. We introduce to you our new Job Mail CV Database that makes applicant management a breeze.

With the introduction of our new Job Mail CV Database you will be exposed to a better search functionality to make finding those professionals a stress-free duty. We have revamped and upgraded our system and I am sure most of you will be mesmerised by the new Job Mail Database as well as the CV layout transformation.

In the last guide we showed you exactly how accurate our search functionality is, now we want to take the time and teach you how to manage your applications better. Once you have searched for candidates using your desired search requirements, the Job Mail CV database will provide you with all the matching results. One noticeable change is that the cover letter of each employee has been removed from the summary display. This means you can now access the below desired relevant details at a glance:

  1. Desired Job Title
  2. Availability
  3. Employment Level
  4. Highest Education
  5. Last 3 Positions

Once you have found your ideal candidates, you will be entered into our new dashboard. Thanks to the new search functionality you have successfully filtered the hundreds of applicants down to the couple of skilled potentials.

As a registered Job Mail employer you are now pushed a summary report that shows the specialised employees according to your specific search criteria. If you are looking for someone according to their current ‘Job Title’ you will be given results based on your search measurable. To access the desired applicants simply click on the hyperlinked field under the “Applicants” tab and you will immediately be sent to this candidates full CV.

Once the full CV is open, at the top of the navigation bar you can decide if you would like to see more the candidates’ information by selecting the “Summary”, “Cover Letter” or “CV” links and navigate to that section of the Jobseekers profile. You can also review the CV and reply directly to this applicant to set-up an interview. If the candidate does not meet the grade you can simply click on the “Decline” button.

Job Mail understands that most recruiters get on average over 100 applications a day and it is often difficult to ascertain which job some candidates are applying for. This is why we have added the below feature for you to better manage all those applications. Once an applicant applies for a post you can see what post he/sheis applying for and what date they applied for this position.

We hope this guide into our new Job Mail CV Database has helped you to find the best skilled and qualified job seeker in South Africa. If you are battling to use the new system we ask that you please email our Job Master at and he will direct you through the process.

If you would like to become a new Job Mail client to have access to our new CV database please contact one of our experts at and you can start utilising some of the advanced features and employ benefits today!

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