Making a career change: Out with the old, in with the new

Are you bored with your job? Do you need a change? Job Mail is the ideal place to browse for new, exciting and challenging career choices and opportunities. While choosing a career is exciting, it can also be daunting to switch jobs. If you want to know how to choose a career, we have the perfect set of tips to help you make a career change.


What career suits me and my skills?

Firstly you will need to ask yourself, “what career suits me”? Your response to this question will play a significant role in your decision. To get started, write down your interests. Once you have determined what you are passionate about, you can write down your skills and capabilities. Next compile a list of possible careers you might be interested in.


How to choose a career and making the change

If you have decided to change careers, don’t feel pressured to find your ultimate job right away. Plenty of successful people change their careers more than once in their lifetime. If you focus on trying to settle on one career forever, you may make the decision to change careers even harder.


It is advisable to do some research and decide what career you want to try next. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can do more research to find information on the different career choices within that field. When you are choosing a new career it is also important to consider the work environment and the type of people you will be working with on a daily basis.

Look up the requirements for the jobs that catch your eye and, if you are lacking specific skills, you may want to complete additional training before you leave your current job. Working towards you goal gradually is a good option. Some ways to ensure a smooth career change can include shadowing professionals in your prospective career and enrolling in evening courses. It may even be necessary to gain skills by working in other positions before you are eligible for your new career.


Once you have gained the necessary skills and qualifications, you will need to start applying for positions. Before you start sending out your CV, make sure that it is well-structured and concise. Your CV is the first impression that your prospective employer will have of you. Make sure that you only add relevant information to your CV as the majority of employers won’t have time to read long documents.

When choosing a career, remember that your mind set will also play a role. An important part of the transition is the belief that you can succeed. If you believe in yourself it is more likely that employers will believe in you too. Self-confidence is an important asset when you are applying for jobs. When you are reviewing your career choices try to think about what makes you happy and keeps you motivated. A great way to make sure your career change is successful is to network in the sector that you want to find employment in.


It’s never too late to change your career. Don’t let your fears and concerns prevent you from pursuing your dream. The reasons that people decide to make a change varies, but the desire to explore a new sector is one of the reasons to make the transition. If you have lost your passion for your current job, then you may also want to switch to a career that you are more interested in.

Making a change and choosing a career at a mature age can work to your advantage. The skills that you have learnt from previous work experience can be used to catch the attention of prospective employers. Also make sure that you touch up on your CV writing skills if you are out of practice.


You may also want to learn more about how to be successful in interviews. Schedule time to develop the skills you will need for your new job. If you want to go into marketing, you could develop a portfolio which showcases your talent. By creating examples of what you are capable of, you can increase your chance of being hired.

Another way to gain relevant work experience is to volunteer at an NGO or free up some time to volunteer in related roles in a small business. Stay connected to the developments in your new sector and make some time to attend events (even if it is online).


Although making a career change can be challenging, it is possible if you set your mind to it. When it comes to career choices, there are a wide range of options and the only way to discover what job is right for you, is to combine research with experience. Register your CV on Job Mail and explore exciting opportunities in careers that fuel your passion.

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