Look for great opportunities and jobs in Port Elizabeth

Looking for amazing opportunities in PE? Job Mail takes a closer look at the jobs in Port Elizabeth, highlight some vacancies and telling you more about PE itself.

About Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is known as both the friendly city and the windy city. The latter nickname is self-explanatory; when it gets windy in Port Elizabeth it gets very windy, so much so that the wind blows dust into the city.

However, do not let the wind put you off; Port Elizabeth is also generally a very friendly city. Port Elizabeth is known for its welcoming hospitality, beautiful landscape and great population. Living in Port Elizabeth is definitely an experience worth exploring. The city is small enough to be accommodative, while it is surprisingly big enough to keep you entertained and earning a decent salary.

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What is even more interesting is that you can generally expect a fairly affordable cost of living while in Port Elizabeth, compared to other large cities in South Africa you will not spend much on accommodation, food and entertainment. If you are looking to relocate to a new place for work purposes this is certainly a city you should consider.

If you have made the decision to consider moving to Port Elizabeth, we’ve outlined some different jobs in PE that might be worth considering.

Finance Jobs in PE

For those of you who are looking into getting into finance or are already in finance, there are quite a few finance jobs in Port Elizabeth on Job Mail. There is a range of jobs depending on your experience, salary expectations and skillsets.

However as with all cities, vacancies are season dependant, there are certain times of the year when you can expect to find more jobs and you must therefore be patient in your job search. Currently the only jobs available in Finance on Job Mail are Audit Supervisor positions. Generally you would be expected to have an accounting degree, have completed your articles in an accounting firm, have some experience post – article and have a strong audit background.

finance jobs in pe

It would also be advantageous if you have a CPA, a CIA or any audit certifications, this will only serve as further validation on your audit skills to any potential employer. Since these are supervisor positions you will be expected to have post – article experience on your CV. In terms of salaries you should expect to be paid between R177 098 to R456 651 per annum which given Port Elizabeth’s low cost of living should translate to a comfortable enough salary to help you live well in Port Elizabeth.

Ready to start applying for jobs in PE? Register your CV on Job Mail and start on a new adventure today.

Admin Jobs in Port Elizabeth

If you are looking for admin jobs in Port Elizabeth there are quite a few options you can consider. If you look through Job Mail you will find receptionist, administrative assistant, reception management, personal assistant, club administration and data capturer jobs.

By virtue of the diversity of the admin jobs available in Port Elizabeth the qualifications you will need will be as diverse as the jobs themselves. As a general rule however you will be expected to be computer literate. This means that you must be fairly comfortable with the basics of Excel and Microsoft Word, you will need to have great typing skills.

admin jobs in port elizabeth

This will especially come in handy if you want to look for a data capturer job. You will be expected to have completed your matric, be fluent in English and be a great communicator. The salaries range from R9 500 to R12 000 per month. You will be expected to carry out a wide range of duties in these jobs from carrying out general admin duties to arranging meetings and capturing data.

Engineering Jobs in PE

If you are specifically looking for engineering jobs in Port Elizabeth there are quite a few great opportunities if you already have some experience in your field. There are a few Civil Engineering related jobs available on Job Mail. These vacancies include structural technologist, pavement engineer, moulder and senior traffic engineer jobs. Much like the administration jobs available in Port Elizabeth.

For the structural technologist vacancies you will be expected to have a BTech in Civil Engineering, a lot of experience in Civil Engineering, at least eight years, you must be registered with the ECSA and have management experience. With this particular vacancy you should expect to earn between R600 000 and R700 000 per year.

You will need the same qualifications and slightly less experience if you would like to apply for the Pavement Engineering vacancies. If, on the other hand you want to apply for the Senior Traffic Engineer you will be expected to have experience in working on major road projects.

engineering jobs in pe

There is a clear bias towards civil engineering in Port Elizabeth and if you are in engineering and looking to move to Port Elizabeth it would be advisable to only consider that move if you are in Civil Engineering.

Retail Jobs in Port Elizabeth

If you are looking for retail jobs in Port Elizabeth, currently the jobs available in Port Elizabeth in this field are jobs as a pick packer and general manager jobs. As a pick packer you will not be expected to have any experience, having your matric would be advantageous but because of the nature of the job you will not be required to have any qualifications.

However, as if you are ambitious enough to aspire for the general manager position you will need to show that you have some leadership skills, enough finance acumen to manage a budget and draft a sales report and comprehensive communication skills as you will be expected to lead a team of employees.

retail jobs in port elizabeth

Vacancies for General Manager positions tend not to be too rigid on qualifications, however having a matric and any tertiary degree or diploma would only serve to your advantage by making you a more credible and trustworthy employee.

If you would like to find out more about jobs in Port Elizabeth visit Job Mail for more information.

Look for great opportunities and jobs in Port Elizabeth
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Look for great opportunities and jobs in Port Elizabeth
Job Mail takes a closer look at the jobs in Port Elizabeth, highlight some vacancies and telling you more about PE itself.
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  1. Sithembiso Sigono says:

    Good day I’m Sithembiso Sigono in Cape Town I’m a qualified paper Folding machine with more than13 yrs experience and I’m a qualified Grader machine operator!I would love to relocate to Port Elizabeth eve if I can get a job in transnet as General worker! Thanks

  2. I would love to work in Port Elizabeth and I like challenges

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    Good day

    i am llooking for a job as HSE manager in civil constructio, mining, oil and gas

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    Public Relation.
    I am a teacher that is retiring after thirty years. Maybe re-locate to Jefferies Bay and work at PE.

  5. lenny says:

    self employed electrician with wiremans licence and multiskilled , looking for employment in the port Elizabeth area ,,,

  6. bulelea says:

    looking for a jib, but I wanna work form home, challenging job

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