Logistics Jobs – Working as a Receiving Clerk

A receiving clerk is responsible for overseeing deliveries at warehouses and large retail outlets. If you have computer literacy skills and organisational capabilities, logistics jobs might be a good opportunity for you. With the right training and knowledge, you can succeed in this position. You can find receiving clerk jobs on Job Mail.

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What is a Receiving Clerk?

A receiving clerk is a person who is responsible for keeping records of the goods that enter and exit a warehouse. They maintain documentation detailing the products that have been dispatched as well as the ones that have been received. Employees in this position are also required to prepare goods before the deliveries are scheduled to take place.

The daily tasks a clerk is expected to perform include checking items against consignment documents and reviewing goods to make sure that they meet the quality standards of the company they work for. They advise customers on relevant charges and are also required to determine storage costs. Clerks are also responsible for billing customers. After the clerk has checked the order, they ensure that the goods are packed away in their assigned areas.

Clerks are required to liaise with shippers in order to come up with a solution if a problem is detected. Should they find discrepancies in the order, they need to notify the shippers to rectify it. A portion of this role involves manual labour, which includes helping to unload deliveries. Other tasks include disposing of packaging and operating forklifts.

Receiving Clerk Skills and Qualifications

Receiving clerk jobs typically require a Grade 12 qualification. Clerks generally receive on-the-job training from their employer, while other training may be in the form of workshops as well as skills programs. Depending on the employer, clerks may also need a forklift licence. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you can complete a National Certificate in Transport and Logistics. Experience in the industry is also beneficial when you are applying for any clerk positions. Take a look at the top seven skills that you need to succeed in these logistics jobs.

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1. Computer literacy

With advancements in technology, it is necessary to know how to operate a computer in order to access and update records. You will need to be able to use computer programs to enter data.

2. Organisational skills

Keeping track of incoming and outgoing goods requires organisational skills. Updating records and monitoring documentation also requires the ability to organise.

3. Communication capabilities

As a receiving clerk, you will need to work with warehouse staff in order to complete tasks. This position also requires you to liaise with clients. In order to fulfil these duties, you will need both verbal and written communication skills.

4. Physical Stamina

Working in a warehouse can involve extended hours on your feet and heavy lifting. As a result of the working conditions of a clerk, you will need to be physically fit and healthy.

5. High levels of accuracy

The role of a receiving clerk comes with high levels of responsibility, and mistakes can be costly. It is, therefore, important that employees have the ability to pay attention to detail.

6. Mathematical capabilities

In order to calculate prices and storage costs, employees in this role need to have basic mathematical capabilities. This skill is also required when payment records need to be checked.

7. Knowledge of safety guidelines

Clerks need to be dedicated to upholding safety regulations in order to prevent accidents from occurring in the warehouse.

Work environment and salary of a Receiving Clerk

The work environment of a clerk differs between logistics jobs. However, clerks can expect to perform tasks in warehouses and stockrooms. They may also be expected to carry out their duties at a loading dock. Clerks can find work in big retail outlets or at distribution centres. Employees in this position typically work during regular business hours. A receiving clerk earns an average annual salary of R68 592 in South Africa. Microsoft Office capabilities can increase your chances of being paid more. Experience is another factor that influences your salary.

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Now that you know more about receiving clerk jobs, you can search online for vacancies. Increase your chances of getting hired as a receiving clerk by getting a licence to operate forklifts and by developing your computer literacy capabilities.

Logistics Jobs – Working as a Receiving Clerk
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Logistics Jobs – Working as a Receiving Clerk
A receiving clerk is responsible for overseeing deliveries at warehouses and large retail outlets. You can find receiving clerk jobs on Job Mail.
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