Logistics careers – Working as a Warehouse Manager

If you are on the lookout for exciting careers in logistics, Warehouse Manager jobs on Job Mail might be perfect for you. Logistics form part of the world’s most important career fields. So much can go wrong without proper planning and managing of resource distribution. Societies would stop to function as we know them, and food shortage is one of the many challenges we would have to deal with.

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What to expect working as a Warehouse Manager

After mentioning the importance of the role, it is only fair to share with you what it means to be a Warehouse Manager.

Warehouse jobs work a lot with the receiving, storing and distribution of stock and/or resources depending on the nature of the company. All this is done at a flow and need to always be in sync. As a manager you will be responsible for ensuring that the warehouse employees do their jobs and the flow is not disturbed.

The job description and daily tasks associated with the job of a Warehouse Manager include determining and implementing purchase and distribution strategies. As a manager it is your task to ensure that not too much resources are received; and also that the company never runs out of the resources depending on the type of business.

Logistics careers also entail the use of mechanical and IT systems, intended to make monitoring of stock easier. Communicate with customers and other departments about any transportation plans. It’ll be your duty to train, supervise and evaluate the staff to ensure a better quality work.

warehuse it tools

Other tasks include keeping records of all past transactions, to help better manage future projects. This means you will maintain financial and statistical records. When all this falls into place, it ensures that quality objectives; deadline delivery and budgeting will be a lot easier.

All things considered, warehouse jobs involve a lot of physical labour and as the manager of the warehouse, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the working standards meet health and safety legislation.

The manager will need to monitor the expenditures ensuring they remain within the established budget, and that the resources are used efficiently. With the budget, quality, stock level and delivery frequency in mind, you’re required to negotiate contracts with suppliers for the various resources.

Qualifications needed for Warehouse Manager jobs

warehouse qualifications needed

While there are some Warehouse Manager jobs that do not require qualifications, most employers will require extensive warehouse experience. You can get a foot in the door by starting with entry-level warehouse jobs and working yourself up.

You can also opt for a Diploma in Logistics, but do note that experience as a Warehouse Manager might also be required by some employers.

The work environment

Working in a warehouse will definitely prove to be very noisy at times with all the incoming and outgoing stock. With logistics careers, there is a lot of pressure with keeping everything in a synced flow. Though most companies work normal working hours of 9am to 5pm, others have warehouses running 24 hours a day.

warehouse employees

The manager is responsible for determining the perfect working hours for the warehouse according to what they believe would be perfect for their type of business. The salary gradually increases with experience in the field, and annually on average the salary is around R 233 000.

Skills of a successful Warehouse Manager

It is ideal to possess some skills when working as a manager in a warehouse. These involve maths skills for better understanding of the budgets and purchase orders. You need to be organised and able to take a managerial role to ensure the work is accordingly done.

warehouse working progress

Communication, interpersonal and logical thinking skills are vital for anyone taking the position of managing other people. You also need to be able to work under pressure, be observant and motivate others when the workload gets out of hand as workers will be looking to you for solutions. Technical skills are needed to be able to operate all the machinery on the warehouse floor as well as IT skills to be able to use the required software.

Being a Warehouse Manager is an ideal position if you are interested in logistics careers. Since job experience is needed, working in other types of warehouse jobs, such as a warehouse assistant or warehouse operative, will greatly increase your chances of working your way up to a managerial position.

budgeting done at warehouse

Warehouse jobs can be a start of great logistics careers and opportunities. There are chances of moving further up the corporate ladder with a warehouse management experience. The move includes positions like logistics manager, operation manager and supply chain manager.

Ready to start applying for Warehouse Manager jobs on Job Mail? Get started today by registering your CV at www.JobMail.co.za.

Logistics careers – Working as a Warehouse Manager
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Logistics careers – Working as a Warehouse Manager
If you are on the lookout for exciting careers in logistics, Warehouse Manager jobs on Job Mail might be perfect for you.
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    I have over 20 years in retail.My Hart always are in Receivng, wear house. This is the most important job of any company.

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    I worked in a warehouse as a forklift driver , as checker and i am at transport department as a fleet controller and tracking

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