Lessons from the Cold Calling Queen – Part 2

Yesterday we introduced you to Wendy Weiss. If you don’t already know who she is, then let us enlighten you. Wendy Weiss, also known as The Queen of Cold Calling™, has been in the industry of sales longer than you knew how to spell the word “sell.”

In the first interview we conducted with The Queen of Cold Calling™ we learnt about the “Warrior Delusion” and the importance of researching before you make the call.

This episode explores Wendy’s all important Performance Model and the significance of knowing your value proposition before you pick up the phone to a prospective client.

Once you read this post you will have no reason to have “cold feet” when it comes to cold calling.

Job Mail asked Wendy: What sales skills do you think are the most important to having a successful sales career?

Wendy says: Cold calling is a very specific sales skill. Sales professionals that are great in front of clients are not necessarily good on the phone. The reason is that these are two different skill sets. Unfortunately, cold calling is often taught as a subset of face-to-face selling. This is not the right way to target cold calling. The good news, however, is that cold calling is a communication skill and like any communication skill it can be learned and improved upon.

Job Mail asked Wendy: Do you know the AIDA principle and do you use it and how? If not do you use any other sales principles, what are they and how do you use this?

Wendy says: I do not use the AIDA principle. I use the Performance Model. I’m a former ballet dancer so performance is the key to delivering a successful demonstration. The Performance consists of three easy steps: Warm up, Rehearse, Perform.

Warm up: Do everything that you need to do to ensure that you are prepared. Do not even think about getting on the phone till you have done your homework: Research and build a good, targeted list. Craft your script, which must include responses to questions and/or objections you think you may hear. Develop your Best Practices (i.e., How many times will you dial a potential clients before recycling that lead? Are you going to leave voice mail messages? How many? What is the frequency? What will you say? Are you going to send emails? How many? What will you say? What is the frequency?)

Rehearse: If you are new in sales or trying out a new approach or a new script, before you get on the telephone practice your script out loud. You need to be conversational and polished. Although you have crafted a script do not read it. Instead, learn to use your script as a teleprompt. In addition, do some role playing with your manager, a colleague or a friend to ensure that responses roll off of your tongue.

Perform: Once you have done steps 1 and 2, then and only then, do you get on the telephone.

Junk Mail asked Wendy: We get a lot of clients being rude to the sales consultants, telling them they are not interested before the rep gets the opportunity to even start with the steps of a sale, how do you grab the attention of the client?

Wendy says: If everyone that you speak with says, “I’m not interested,” that means you’re not saying anything that’s interesting to your clients. Identify the problems that you solve for customers. Identify the outcomes that you’re able to create for customers. Identify how you help your customers. Once you’ve done that, always lead with the value—that is, problems that you solve, outcomes you’re able to create and how you help your customers.

Junk Mail asked Wendy: Do you believe in power opening questions and value propositions?

Wendy says: When making a cold call there are two questions that you must answer to get your potential client to agree to talk to you. Every client that you call wants to know: Who are you? What do you want? It’s imperative to answer those questions before you start asking questions. If you ask questions first, you will simply create push back and the potential client will be unwilling to engage.

Your Value Proposition is: the problems that you solve, outcomes you’re able to create and how you help your customers.

Junk Mail asked Wendy: What is the biggest mistakes telesales people make?

Wendy says: Unfortunately not enough companies today actually know their sales teams’ metrics. Because companies and/or sales representatives do not have metrics, they do not actually know what works. The biggest mistake in 2011 is… not knowing the numbers.

Unfortunately, that is the end of the “Lessons from The Queen of Cold Calling.” The Job Mail Team would however like to thank @wendyweiss for sharing her expert advice and helpful hints on how to master the art of cold calling. I am sure you found the interview series informative. Who knows you may just be our next sales guru.

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