Lessons from the Cold Calling Queen – Part 1

So you think you can cold call? However, the art of cold calling is not as easy as you may think.

We recently caught up with Wendy Weiss (AKA The Queen of Cold Calling™) to get the answers to being the master of cold calling. Wendy shared her best kept secrets and also gave us tips to successfully turn a lead into a sale.

Before you hear from Wendy we thought we would share some interesting statistics on the success rate of cold calling for businesses trying to sell their products. Some experts say that you have to call between 100 to 150 clients before you make a sale. Those are some daunting figures for businesses expending thousands of Rands in trying to secure sales.

But how does Wendy Weiss do it?  Read the interview below and learn why Wendy has been dubbed the Queen of Cold Calling.

Job Mail asked Wendy: How many rejections she gets in a typical week?

Wendy says: When people talk about Cold Calling the conversation is generally framed around “over coming rejection.” A lot of cold calling training centers teach you how to deal with rejection or overcome rejection. I call this the “Warrior Delusion” because let’s face it, no one really wants to “go through the ‘NO’s’ and hang ups until someone finally says, ‘YES.’”

Instead, of learning to handle the “NO’s,” it is a much better idea to learn the skills that you need so that clients say “YES.” Couple that with some strategic thinking and targeting and you’re in a much better place to succeed.

In addition, many sales professionals hear “NO” when the potential client is actually not saying no at all.” For example, the receptionist saying that “the client is in a meeting” does not translate to “the potential client does not want to talk to me.” The phrase, “Mr. Pretorious is in a meeting” usually means that Mr. Pretorious is in a meeting. So you should try again later when he is available.

Job Mail asked Wendy: The perception is that the field cold calling is more effective than telesales. What is your feeling?

Wendy says: Cold calling by phone is a far more effective strategy than going door to door. It is more time efficient and you can reach more people. The phone, along with all of the technology that is available today (dialers, prospecting software, sales intelligence) allows you to leverage your time and resources in a way that field cold calling does not.

Job Mail asked Wendy: What is it that motivates you and helps to overcome the fear of picking up the phone and making that first call?

Wendy says: There a few things in life that are more terrifying than the unknown. The fear you create for yourself is far worse than the reality of cold calling. Once you start making telephone calls and continue making telephone calls, it gets easier. You overcome fear by acting. It all comes down to “The Law of Action.”

Job Mail asked Wendy: How do you overcome cancellations?

Wendy says: If a prospective client cancels an appointment, call them up and reschedule it. It is a good idea to always confirm appointments because that confirmation call gives you a chance to ‘resell’ the appointment. If the prospect client does need to reschedule you can reschedule it on the spot while you have the prospect on the line. Think “reschedule” not “cancellation.”

Job Mail asked Wendy: What do you see as the key skills in closing a deal?

Wendy says: Closing is a matter of finding the right prospects for the right offer. Too many sales professionals neglect to do their homework. They don’t prepare, they don’t research, and they don’t ask the right questions. Then they’re surprised that they don’t close.

Now that we have all learnt from The Queen of Cold Calling™, it is time for you to test your skills.

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Tune in tomorrow as we bring you Part 2 of the Lessons from The Queen of Cold Calling™.

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