Legal Secretary Jobs: A career in Law

Are you interested in legal jobs? Why not become a legal secretary? Legal secretary jobs offer great career opportunities as well as a good income. With some training and a passion for the law you can go far in this career. Here is everything that you need to know about becoming a professional in this field.


What legal secretaries do

Legal secretaries can also be referred to as judges’ assistants or clerks. Legal secretaries are typically hired by law firms. Their main role is to support staff members by performing administrative tasks.

While there are some similarities between legal secretaries and regular secretary jobs there are many differences between these two positions. The main difference is that working in a law firm requires a familiarity with legal terminology.


An understanding of legal procedures is also vital for this position if you are interested in pursuing a career as a legal secretary. Legal secretaries who work hard and complete additional training can find themselves advancing their careers. The career path for legal secretaries may include opportunities to become personal assistants or office managers.

Other opportunities in this career path may include legal executive positions. By completing extra courses legal secretaries can use their knowledge of the law to become successful paralegals opening up doors to other types of legal jobs. Dedicated legal secretaries may even study further to become lawyers.

What you need to know about legal secretary jobs

If you are deciding whether becoming a legal secretary is the right career for you it is useful to know what this position entails. Knowing the roles and responsibilities these types of legal jobs entail can help you to impress prospective employers. Gaining experience in these areas can also increase your chances of being hired.


Legal secretaries are responsible for answering phones. They complete administrative duties such as maintaining records and typing legal documents. Legal secretaries are required to undertake legal research. They make client bookings, file documents and attend court. If you want to succeed in legal secretary jobs, you will need to be competent in all of these areas.

Have you got what it takes to apply for secretary jobs in the field of law? A good starting point is if you are interested in law. A passion for law can help you advance your career.


A vital quality for legal secretaries is to be trustworthy. This is important when maintaining confidentiality between the law firm and clients. Excellent administrative and organisational capabilities are required for this position. Legal secretaries must be computer literate. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also beneficial.

Training for legal jobs in this field

If you decide to become a legal secretary, you can enrol for training. While a certificate is not mandatory for this position it does increase your chance of being hired. If you have no knowledge of the law it is advisable to complete relevant courses.

With plenty of competition for jobs you will have more chance of securing a job if you have relevant training and skills. In South Africa there are numerous educational institutions which offer training. Universities of Technology as well as colleges offer courses in this field.


It is advisable to check the entry requirements for the institution that you want to study at to make sure that you meet their eligibility criteria. If you are picking subjects at school and you think these types of secretary jobs are something you might be interested in in the future, you should consider mathematics and accounting. Other subjects that are beneficial for this career are economics and business.

Why work as a legal secretary?

Legal secretary positions can offer good salaries. Your salary will depend on whether you are working in an entry level or more senior position. The more experience and training that you have the more likely you will be to earn a higher salary.

If you are a law student finding part-time positions can help you to advance your career. Working in these types of secretary jobs gives law students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the law.


Obtaining experience in the industry is advantageous when you become a lawyer and start applying for work. By developing your skills in this field you will have more chances of finding employment when you start working as a lawyer.

While these types of legal jobs can be demanding they are also rewarding. If you want to start your career at a law firm, a legal secretary position is a good entry-point. Register your CV on today and apply for legal secretary jobs that will not only challenge you, but reward you as well.

Legal Secretary Jobs: A career in Law
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Legal Secretary Jobs: A career in Law
Are you interested in legal jobs? Legal secretary jobs offer great career opportunities as well as a good income. Here is everything that you need to know!
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