Legal Advisor Jobs: A career in the Law Industry

Are you a qualified lawyer? Why not consider a career as a legal advisor? If you choose this career you will be responsible for providing legal advice to companies and organisations. Positions working for the government are also available. When it comes to legal vacancies, advisor positions offer rewarding career opportunities. To find out everything you need to know about legal advisor jobs read our informative blog.


While legal advisors and attorneys have similar roles the core difference is that legal advisors are employed by a company while attorneys offer their services to the public. Attorneys have many clients while legal advisors only advise the company they work for. Attorneys and advocates are eligible to apply for legal advisor vacancies as the training is the same. If you want to transition into a corporate environment applying for a position as a legal advisor is a suitable option.

Roles and Duties of the Legal Advisor

Understanding the responsibilities that are associated with legal advisor jobs can help you to decide whether this is the right career for you. The core duty of this job is to offer legal advice to corporate companies. They review and research legal issues within the company that they work for. Once they have a clear understanding of the legal issue, they provide the company with advice on how to handle it.

Next they will draft briefing documents which report their findings on the best course of action to take. Legal advisors are also responsible for drafting legal submissions and formalities. They oversee the implementation of their legal advice and monitor the outcome.


It is important for legal advisors to discern which legal issues are a priority. Tasks that are associated with this position include contracts, litigations as well as dispute resolution. Another vital part of a legal advisor role is to assess whether the organisation is compliant with the law.

Skills and Work Environment

Do you have what it takes to be successful in these types of legal vacancies? To succeed in this career you will need to be motivated and disciplined. As an advisor you will need to be trustworthy and reliable. The ability to problem solve and make decisions is required.

You will have to uphold ethics of confidentiality and honesty. Outstanding communication skills are required for this position. As an advisor in the field of law you will need to function well under pressure.

Legal advisor vacancies are available in big companies and organisations as well as law schools. Government offices also offer legal advisor jobs. Suitable positions can be found in legal aid societies.


If you are a legal advisor you can also choose to be self-employed and work in private practice. Legal advisors typically work in an office. This is a full-time position and legal advisors work forty to forty five hours a week. Overtime is required when working on deadlines.

Education and Training required for Legal Advisor Vacancies

In order for you to be eligible for these types of legal vacancies you will need to complete a law degree. Universities across South Africa offer this qualification. Another option is Varsity College.

If you want to further your knowledge in business and law you can complete an IIE bachelor of Commerce (Law) at Varsity College. If you complete this qualification, it will open up many career possibilities including that of a legal advisor, company secretary, corporate governance and general management.


A master’s degree will increase your chances of being hired. Completing an internship or gaining experience in a law related field is also beneficial. If you are a recent graduate, you could work as a legal secretary to increase your eligibility for legal advisor vacancies.

Experienced attorneys who are looking for a career change can find high paying legal advisor positions.

Now that you know more about these legal vacancies you can decide whether this is the right career for you. A career as a legal advisor offers many rewarding employment opportunities. Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for legal advisor jobs now!

Legal Advisor Jobs: A career in the Law Industry
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Legal Advisor Jobs: A career in the Law Industry
Understanding the responsibilities that are associated with legal advisor jobs can help you to decide whether this is the right career for you.
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