Learnership, internship or apprenticeship: What you should be applying for

There is often a lot of confusion around internships, apprenticeships and learnerships jobs. As a result of this confusion, these terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably to generally refer to an entry level position, usually given to an individual who is a student or undergraduate for a limited period of time.

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However there are a number of differences between these three terms, with these differences lying in the definitions, expectations and the structures. Clearing up the difference between these terms can save a lot of confusion and time to ensure that you are searching for the right position for you!

What is an Internship?

An internship is generally used to refer to a position that is offered by an employer to a student, or to an individual who has recently graduated from University to help the individual gain more exposure to a particular field of work.

Internships for graduates and students are designed to bridge the gap between the theory and book knowledge that you would get from a University education, with the practical skills that you really need to round off your university education in order to succeed.

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An internship exists because in a lot of instances a University education on its own, may not give you all of the skills and knowledge to prepare you for the rigours of real world work. Through the practical skills and knowledge gained during an internship, you can have the confidence of understanding and completing your job of choice, competently.

Internships can be anything ranging from voluntary with no expectations of compensation to paid internships. The duration of an internship can run from anything from a week to 12 months depending on the organization you are interning for and the nature of your chosen field.

You may have heard of some great internship vacancies where all who complete them are offered positions and learn a ton. Unfortunately, there are also some that are not as helpful.

Recently graduated students and their families may expect that having a degree should guarantee that they will secure a job which leads them to shun the idea of considering internship opportunities. However, there are numerous benefits someone could potentially gain from pursuing an internship. The first thing you realize after graduating from University is that good grades and a University degree will not always on their own help you get your dream job or succeed in your profession of choice.

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Having internships on your CV – either paid or unpaid – will drastically increase your odds of landing a permanent position after graduating, additionally the experience you gain will help make you a better employee and more likely to succeed in your career.

An internship also gives you the opportunity to network with potential employers, they allow you to establish working relationships with potential employers, gain real world practical experience and skills and get an introduction to a field’s culture and etiquette.

Internship opportunities exist throughout all fields of work, from legal fields to software engineering.

If you are looking for internship vacancies, browse through the vacancies listed as internship opportunities and get started today.

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a programme set up to help students gain workplace experience that will help them excel in the respective fields. For this reason learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work.

In South Africa, learnership jobs are managed by the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) that are responsible for managing and creating learnership programmes across all industries and occupations in South Africa. As a result of the nature of learnerships, these programmes tend to be structured in such a way that learners pursuing a learnership spends time learning both theory and practical skills in the workplace.

what is a learnership

Completion of a learnership leads to a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Through this qualification learners not only gain practical experience, but they also gain important life skills such as communication and teamwork that are useful regardless of the career the learner chooses to pursue upon completing his or her learnership.

The major advantages of pursuing a learnership is that the learner will, upon completion of the learnership gain a nationally recognised and portable qualification. This qualification will also be recognized by any educational institution.

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What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a position that allows individuals to train for a particular job. Apprenticeships are regarded as proper employment programs which will help an individual prepare for a particular job.

Apprenticeship opportunities are often reserved for individuals who have some certainty about the profession they wish to pursue particularly taking into consideration that apprenticeship programs can run anything from one year to six years.

what is an apprenticeship

Normally employers offering apprenticeships offer an agreement to their apprentices setting out what skills and aptitudes the apprentice will learn during the apprenticeship in order to ensure that, at the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentice has both formal work experience and recognizable qualifications in their field of choice. An apprenticeship is normally focused on more pragmatic professions that require extensive practical training.

As a result of the nature and length of apprenticeship jobs, these opportunities are often a guarantee of permanent employment. Thankfully, there are a number of apprenticeship vacancies available around South Africa, all you have to do is pick an apprenticeship opportunity that suits your interests and that you are qualified to pursue.

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Learnership, internship or apprenticeship: What you should be applying for
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Learnership, internship or apprenticeship: What you should be applying for
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