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If you are passionate about nature, why not study to become a Conservation Officer? Not only will you learn more about the environment but you will also play a role in protecting it. Environmental jobs offer interesting career opportunities. Nature Conservation jobs offer you the opportunity to protect the magnificent landscape and wildlife in our country. When it comes to conservation jobs South Africa is a great place to work.


So what is Nature Conservation?

Nature jobs primarily involve protecting and managing the environment. If you are interested in Nature Conservation jobs, you will need to have a relevant qualification. Typically employees require job applicants to have a relevant degree which includes subjects such as ecology, botany and biology. Geography, sustainable development and marine sciences are also relevant.

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Training for Conservation and Environmental Jobs

The Nature Conservation Department at Tshwane University of Technology offers training in a range of fields. You can choose to study Ecotourism Management, Game Ranch Management and Nature Conservation at this university. This department offers training for managers and researchers in this field. Managers oversee natural resources as well as biological diversity. UNISA offers a diploma in Nature Conservation which includes theoretical and practical learning. Entrance to the course requires a National Senior certificate.


Do you have what it takes to become a Nature Conservationist? Experience is vital if you want to secure a good job in this industry. With this in mind it is advisable to get work experience. Voluntary work or internships are a good way to advance your capabilities. UNA Exchange offers volunteer opportunities around the world. To excel at this position you will need outstanding administrative skills. IT skills are also vital. Nature Conservationists must have good communication skills.


A career in Nature Conservation

Before you decide to pursue these types of environmental jobs it is a good idea to learn more about what you will be doing daily in this position. While tasks vary between different organizations there are typically general duties that you will be expected to carry out. Nature Conservation jobs include the responsibility of overseeing grasslands, woodlands or forests. Coastal regions, mountains and rivers also require the protection of Nature Conservationists. Another responsibility is creating awareness for environmental issues and teaching the public to look after the country’s natural environment.


Employees in this position are required to design and implement environmental management plans that are based on scientific research. Evaluation and monitoring is an important part of the process. Nature Conservationists also need to keep up to date with the latest developments in environmental education.

Once you have finished your studies and training you will need to know where to find Nature Conservation jobs. Nature Conservationist jobs are available from companies, consultancies and nature reserves. Private estates as well as engineering companies also require the services of Nature Conservationists. Nature Conservationists can find employment in the private sector through consultancy work. Developers use their services to help during the planning process. WWF South Africa and the Kruger National Park offer Nature Conservation jobs in South Africa. This position can involve long working hours with an early start time. Weekend work may also be required.

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When you are starting your career you may need to work in challenging environments with adverse weather conditions. The amount of office and on-site work that you will perform depends on your position and the company that you are working for. Typically senior level positions involve more administrative and office based work. Natural Conservationists will need to work with the public as well as the media.  Some positions may require oversees travel.


The career path for this job is varied as most companies do not have an established career hierarchy for this position. Possible advancement may entail starting as an ecologist and moving to a senior position before becoming the principal ecologist. As the competition for Nature Conservation jobs is high, it is beneficial to participate in relevant activities which show your passion for the environment and develop your skills. Promotions in Nature Conservation roles typically mean changing organisations or spending more time in the office. Senior positions generally entail planning, budgeting and managerial tasks.

Now that you have a more detailed understanding of Nature Conservation jobs you can decide if this is the right career for you. Work experience in this industry or enrolling in a volunteer program can help you determine whether this is suitable work for you. Once you have made your decision you can get started by enrolling in a relevant degree. When you have a qualification and some experience you can start applying for jobs.

Already qualified and looking for Nature Conservation jobs? Register your CV on today and start applying for environmental jobs in your field of expertise.

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