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Did you know that just by doing a few things you can optimise your Job Mail experience and have quicker and easier access to your Recruiter Account? Here are 4 easy things you can do:

1. Make Job Mail your home page in your internet browser

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, go to or the Recruiter’s login page and “right-click” on the “Home” button at the top right of your screen where you will be given the option to “Add or change home page”. Click on it and in the popup you will be able to set Job Mail as your homepage. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer or any other internet browser, have a look at this article for a detailed explanation on how to set up your homepage in your particular one.

2. Create a Job Mail Shortcut on Your Desktop

Very simply open, in the internet browser of your choice, minimise the page, and drag and drop the page URL onto your desktop.

3. Add Job Mail to your “Favourites” or “Bookmarks”

In Internet Explorer:

Open in your browser. Right click anywhere on the page, select “Add to Favorites” and simply click on “Add” in the next appearing box. To access your favourites, click on the “Favourites” button at the top left of your browser.

In Firefox: Right click anywhere on the Job Mail page, select “Bookmark this page” and simply click on “Done” in the next appearing box. To access your bookmarks, click on the “Display your bookmarks” button at the top right of your browser.

In Chrome: Open in your browser. Click on the “Bookmark this page” star at the top right of your browser, select the folder to save it in and select “Done”. To access your bookmarks, right click anywhere on the page and select “Bookmark manager”.

4. Join our Online Community on Facebook and Twitter

Receive regular updates on developments on our website, interesting and useful articles and other newsworthy items straight to your social media newsfeeds. Simply “Like” our Facebook page or “Follow” us on Twitter.

We hope this was useful info to make your Job Mail experience a great and efficient one! If you are having difficulty with any of these steps and require some assistance, feel free to send an email to

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  1. obaid says:

    i want news of all the jobs that any companies offer plz send me if u can on daily baisis.

    • Job Mailer says:

      Hi Obaid 🙂 Unfortunately there isn’t a daily updated Newsletter for Job Mail, but you are welcome to check the website every single day, there are jobs uploaded daily 🙂

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