Jobs you can get with a Social Science degree

Are you thinking of studying Social Science? Whether you are considering the field of Social Science or you are a recent graduate, it is advisable to check out what different positions are available. From becoming an Anthropologist to working as a Curator, there are plenty of social science jobs in South Africa. Browse Job Mail, register your CV and apply for Social Science vacancies.


The position that you choose will depend on your qualifications, skills and experience. The areas of Social Science that you are interested in will also affect your decision. Political science jobs offer interesting career paths. Another option is to look for Criminology jobs. If you are wondering what Sociology jobs are out there, here is useful information on what vacancies to look for.


Anthropology offers a fascinating and rewarding career path. Anthropology jobs can also be referred to as Cultural Affairs Advisors and Cultural Consultants. Anthropologists study different cultures with the aim of analysing how each culture has grown and developed. They write reports which offer insights into how cultures have progressed over time.


This position may involve travel to remote locations and international destinations. Work conditions may include primitive conditions.

The duties associated with Anthropology jobs include writing and editing. Field work is an essential part of many Anthropologists’ work. This position may also involve teaching and collaborating with other professionals. Grant-writing is another task that is associated with this position. To be successful as an Anthropologist you will need to be non-judgemental, curious and patient. Writing and analytical skills are also essential.


To become an Anthropologist you can study as BA majoring in Social Anthropology. Another option is a BSocSc. The University of Cape Town, UWC, UNISA and the University of Pretoria offer relevant courses. A National Senior Certificate endorsed for a Degree is a minimum requirement to be considered for these courses.


Curators are typically hired by museums. These types of social science jobs are also offered by libraries as well as historical sites. Curators are responsible for maintaining records and artefacts. An essential role of a Curator is to protect important documents and artefacts. Tasks include researching, organizing records and ensuring that each item or document is stored correctly. Other duties may include training staff and attending conferences. To excel as a Curator you will need to be trustworthy, organized and detail orientated.


You will need to obtain a relevant qualification to become a Curator. The qualification that you will need will depends on where you are working. If you find employment in an art museum, a degree in fine art is advantageous. The University of Cape Town: Michaelis School of Art runs a Curatorship Honours qualification. To be eligible for the degree you will need to have completed a visual arts degree or a relevant undergraduate qualification.


A Genealogist researches family histories. Employment opportunities within this field of social science are offered by specialised organizations. Museums hire Genealogists to conduct research into families. The duties which are associated with this position include research online, in libraries and in government archives. They are required to interview people for additional information. Reviewing data, taking notes and composing family trees are all important tasks which are part of a Genealogist’s career.


If you are organized and patient, then becoming a Genealogist is a suitable career path for you. You will also need excellent communication and comprehension skills. If you want to become a Genealogist, it is advisable to study at a tertiary educational institute. A BA which includes Sociology, History, Languages and other relevant subjects is a good choice. Most of the Universities in South Africa offer BA degrees. The Genealogical Society of South Africa is an excellent resource for additional information.


Sociologists study different aspects of humanity, including human interactions and criminality. Other facets of these social science jobs are religion, culture and social class. As a Sociologist you may choose to specialise in an area that interests you the most. Duties that are associated with this position include researching and writing papers. Other tasks are giving lectures and attending conferences.


Once you have decided what area of Social Science you want to specialise in, you can pick a qualification that fits your career path best. After graduating, it is advisable to gain work experience so that you can develop your skills in your chosen area. Internships offer a great way to build your capabilities and boost your CV. With the wide range of Social Science jobs in South Africa it is advisable to choose a position that suits your skills the best. While it is essential to make sure you have the right capabilities, finding a career path that interests you is also crucial.

Ready to start applying for social science jobs in your area? From political science jobs to criminology jobs, you will find it Job Mail. Register your CV on and start applying for social science vacancies today!

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