And the Job Well Done Award goes to: Graham Jenneker

Graham Jenneker hails from Cape Town and is a financial advisor by profession, but he seems to be a man with many talents. He recently entered M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions. When he was on his way to the remote island (which is in the South China Sea) he thought that he could win the game. He knew that he has always been good at strategy, reading people and social games.

About an hour into Survivor South Africa, Shane and Marion had already formed an alliance – they didn’t even know which team they were on and by luck they happened to be on the same team. This made Graham realize that this game was crazy and that he’d be lucky to make it far. As the game progressed Jenneker built up a good alliance and his tribe was lucky to have the numbers on their side. Walking into tribal council he thought that he had a chance but when they started gunning for him he thought there was no way he would win. The final tribal council was definitely the lowest point for him in Survivor South Africa.

Graham Jenneker

However, after surviving 27 days of tough challenges, blindsides and hunger on a remote island Jenneker picked up the majority of the votes from the Juara Jury and was announced as the winner on live television last night. Graham walked away with a R1 million cash prize. Pulling something like this off is not an easy task. Playing Survivor South Africa takes a lot of hard work. You have to think, make decisions and plan strategy in order to be the Ultimate Survivor

Because we recognize something great when we see it at Job Mail,  it gives me a great pleasure to present our next Job Well Done Award to Graham Jenneker. You can follow him on Twitter via @grahamjenneker.

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