Job Mail Visits Monash University

So while being a student entails lots of parties, late night studies and interesting friends, it also entails preparing for your future.

So what is it that you can expect when leaving your student days to venture into the working world? This is the question we asked students at Monsah University when the Job Mail team visited some third year marketing students on Wednesday the 28th of March 2012.

Job Mail decided to visit some of these students, not only to mentally prepare them for the working world, but also to help them decide on what career opportunities they would like to go into. With the growth of mobile and the usage of Internet steadily increasing each year, more and more exiting opportunities are created in the digital job sector. Our two Job Mail representatives, Olga-Jean Queen and Esta Pretorius had the privilege of addressing these Monash Students. Olga heads Social Media at Job Mail and Esta deals with Search Engine Marketing at Job Mail.

The aim of the presentation was to be insightful, inspiring and informative. We brought the students into the day and live of a Social Media Strategist and a Search Engine Marketer. We also provided students with expected skills and personal attributes needed to be happy and successful in these respective careers. Students were prompted to take part in some case studies that we us a company had to personally deal with just to give them a better idea as to what to expect in these positions.

Olga brought some interesting insights into the market with her flair for relationship building and her passion for speaking to people via social media. Building relationships with people in the industry is very important if you want to get some word of mouth going on your brand. Building relationships with celebrities are difficult so rather concentrate on building relationships with influential bloggers and journalists. Olga also mentioned that understanding and engaging your audience on your brand is an integral part of being in social media.

Esta’s presentation dealt with pay per click campaigns using Google Adwords. Here your target audience is engaged not by having a conversation with them, but by grapping attention at a point in the sales cycle that will convince them that your website has the product or service that they require. Google Adwords yields a more technical understanding and balances the act between your desired target audience in relation to your competition, bid, budget and quality of your ads. Esta mentioned that Google Adwords Learning program is a great way to get a foot in the door to a career in SEM as passing the Google Adwords Exam will qualify you as a Google Certified Individual. Always good to be backed by Google.

All in all it was a very successful presentation and we at Job Mail are very excited to be a part of this initiative to engage and teach our future leaders, specialists and field representative.

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