The Job Mail Ultimate Social-Lite winner announced

Have you upgraded your Job Mail Online CV yet? Job Mail job seekers that have upgraded their Job Mail Online CV will soon be seeing the benefits and rewards. Job Mail has been offering a reward of R1000 each week for merely updating your current Job Mail Online CV. Those of you who have updated and completed your online CV have improved your online brand to 100%.

Job Mail has been teaching all our job seekers how to upgrade your Job Mail Online CV, so that each and every one of you can be more attractive to recruiters.  If you have not yet upgraded your Job Mail Online CV, you run the risk of not appearing in recruiter’s searches or being considered for the jobs that you may be skilled in. So don’t delay and become the perfect candidate for all the recruiter’s out there today!

Some of our job seekers have already begun to share their testimonials on how the update Job Mail CV has helped them to get their dream job.This is the perfect motivation to upgrade your CV because now our new CV guarantees better results.

Our first winner, Phumla Pamela Ntuli successfully completed 4 tasks in the Mission CV Advance Challenge and walked away with R1000. She upgraded her existing CV and made her online brand better.

This week we encouraged all Job Mail job seekers to “Boost their Social Graphs” as social media and e-recruitment is on the rise. With more than 86% of recruiters using social media to research job seekers, it makes sense that you clean up your social profiles to project the right image about yourself online, before a recruiter finds you doing and saying the unthinkable.

To enter into the Boost Your Social Graph contest all you had to do was find the “Edit My Personal Details” section on your profile, scroll down to the “Social Media” section and enter your Facebook; Twitter; and Linkedin accounts. Once your social profiles urls were added all you had to do is click “Submit”. It was that easy to make R1000 and become the ultimate Job Mail Social-Lite.

The Job Seekers that entered this competition effectively empowered themselves socially, completed their Job Mail Online CV to 100% and also took another step in the process of building a better online brand presence. All these benefits, by simply filling in all social profile details (The “One Small Step for Mankind…” statement by Neil Armstrong comes to mind).

In the end there could only be one Social-Lite and winner of the R1000 Cash prize. The Ultimate Job Mail Social-Lite is:

Richard Schmid

Job Mail thanks you all for entering this contest and even though you may have not been a winner this time it does not mean that you can’t have a winning online brand, just remember to upgrade your CV.. We encourage all our job seekers to upgrade your Job Mail Online CV, for your chance to get the job you deserve because of your credentials and improved online presence!

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