Job Mail talks to a Trade Fair Liaison

Job Mail is always talking to differing people in different industries. We do this so that our blog readers and aspiring professionals can get a glimpse or model of what to expect in different environments.

We spoke to Lisa Kuntze who is the Trade Fairs Assistant for the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her Job is as stressful as it sounds. We asked her a few questions so we could wrap our heads around what it means to be a Trade Fair’s liaison between South Africa and Germany.

You promote trade relations with two countries, what’s your biggest challenge that you enjoy?

It is very difficult to assist SME’s (Small and medium enterprises) in Southern Africa to export their products to Germany and worldwide, as often these companies are not registered properly, their products patented or according to standard. We offer numerous trainings to assist SME’s to further their business.

South Africa has a lot to offer in terms of culture and economy, what would you say is our biggest asset?

I believe that South Africans have the ability to make something out of “nothing”. We have great entrepreneurial skills, which should be encouraged more through Africa.

How does Social Media play a part in your role as a bilateral Trade liaison?

The Chamber has its own Twitter and Facebook page, as well as a Linked-in account. We have realised that Twitter is a great way to connect with people, but unfortunately many corporate South Africans still have to get used to making use of social networks. I personally also make use of Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in and find them to be very useful and helpful tools.

The circumstances of South Africans differ like any other people, what do South Africans have that you think Germany envies?

We have wonderful weather and very friendly and helpful people. There are so many different cultures living together in one country, making South Africa a very attractive destination.

It certainly gives an interesting snippet into what it means to exist in a multi- cultured base and manage relations and communication through another. We thank Lisa Kuntze for her contributions.

If you have the qualifications and you have what it takes to pursue this type of profession, then why not apply for liaison jobs here on Job Mail.

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