Job Mail Renovates its CV Database Search Functionality

All recruiters know that finding a good job seeker is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes searching for specialised skills is as unusual as finding an astronaut qualified to go to the moon. This is why Job Mail has advanced its search functionality. Now you find those and other experts from the hundreds of thousands of CV’s on the Job Mail CV Database.

To access these experts at the speed of light and experience the new advantages of our CV Database it is time for you to log-in and see the benefits for yourself.

Once you have logged in you will notice that the dashboard looks very different to the previous system. The improvements on our new CV system are endless. It is now time to illustrate  how the search functionality has advanced, read below for the full scoop.

You can now search for that perfect job candidate by the following criteria:

  1. Job Title (if you select this you can find candidates via their current job titles)
  2. Qualification Achieved (this category allows you to find qualified job hunters)
  3. Highest Education Level (to access educated job seekers)
  4. Level of Employment (this is a good way to find experienced candidates)
  5. Availability (this is the best way to find a person that can start immediately)
  6. Work Status  (to find SA citizens and permanent residents)

Once you have finished searching for that perfect candidate, a list of potentials will magically appear based on your requirements.

This new Job Mail search functionality is so smart, it makes finding that professional as easy and quick as a search tab to success.

If you are battling to use the new Job Mail CV database system we ask that you please email our Job Master at and he will direct you through the process.


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