Job Mail Reality Check: The reasons why you need to update your CV

If you are reading this post right now,then you are just in time for your Job Mail reality check. Over the last couple of weeks Job Mail has been motivating all our job seekers to update their CV’s. An updated CV means that each and every one of you has a better chance of being noticed by recruiters and employers when you are looking for a job.

Today we will be introducing you to one of our Job Mail experts, Angelique Robbertse. Angelique is our Job Mail Online Sales Manager and employer liaison. I am sure you want to know what Angelique does and why you should take her advice.

Angelique has been with Job Mail for over 10 years now, over the last couple of months she has been asking recruiters and employers want they want from your CV’s. It was very clear that our Job Mail CV needed to be updated to suit all the employers and recruiters needs. This is why our New Job Mail CV was launched.

Some of you may still not understand why an updated CV is so important to your online brand and impending future. This is why we kindly asked Angelique to be your mentor and answer some of the questions you may have.

We ask that you please take the time to read what Angelique has to say to you, as this may just be the turning point for you and your career.

You asked us,“Why should I update my CV?”

This is Angelique’s advice to you: It is really simple if you don’t update your CV on a regular basis you have very little chance in today’s ever-changing job economy. Your CV is your first “interview” it has to not only look professional but give all the relevant information to your future employer. The more information you put in the further the recruiter will read. There is a huge difference between “Hi, I am Angelique” to “Hi, I am Angelique and I have the 15 years sales experience coupled with strong management skills.”

Your CV is your unique selling card and you need to sell your brand by updating your CV. If you are only selling half your brand you are selling yourself very short! The reality is recruiters get 100’s of CV’s on a daily basis, those actually applying for a specific positions as well as CV’s that are just being emailed in hopes of finding a job. With that in mind you need to make sure your CV gets noticed for the right reasons. Make sure your skills match what the recruiter is looking for, if you don’t have the right skills then it is up to you to motivate why you would be keen to learn these skills and why that job is going to be a part of your career success.

All your job applications must have a cover letter in the introduction email; it does not help just sending your CV without some information as to what you are applying for. When emailing a recruiter you should make sure that your CV stands out from the other 100 applications. This email is the motivation on why your CV should be read.

We asked: After many discussions with high profile recruiters to improve the Job Mail Online CV, what are some of the main skills and characteristics that recruiters are looking for in potential candidates?

This is what Angelique has to say: This is a very good question as all recruiters are looking for different candidates with very different skills. After all my research it was very clear that are recruiters have the following in common:

  1. They are looking for job seekers with qualifications
  2. They look at your previous job titles to see whether you are a good match for the vacant post they have available
  3. They are very interested in your skills and courses you have taken to get these skills
  4. They also request that you upload your social profile details so they can learn a little more about who you are

As I said before recruiters get 100’s of CV on a daily basis and when I was asked them what they wanted from you, many stated that they don’t need your certificates when you send your updated CV. These documents are only required once they invite you for a face-to-face interview or unless they specifically ask for these documents from you.


We asked Angelique: You mentioned that you have seen many job hunting success stories on Job Mail. In your opinion, what are some of the reasons why these job seekers are successful?

Angelique gives her opinions on why some job seekers are more successful than others: The job hunt is one of the most difficult but rewarding challenges that each and every one of us has to face. Some of us are better at mastering the job hunt and others, but this does not mean that each and every one of you can’t be a successful job hunter. Successful job hunters usually apply for positions advertised only if they have the qualifications or experience. Their CV looks professional and is up-to-date.

I do a lot of recruiting for the Job Mail Team myself and on a couple occasions I have seen a terrible CV but an incredible cover letter. The cover letter was the reason I invited these candidates for an interview. This is yet another reason why you have to do everything possible to sell your brand through your updated CV or an attention grabbing cover letter.

Most job seekers that send unique cover letters for each of the jobs they are applying for have a much better success than job seekers that send bulk emails with the same message. If you cover letter didn’t work with the first 30 applications then this is a clear indication that you need to personalise your cover letters for each job application. It is to your benefit to make each application unique and show that you only have eyes for that position. Your cover letter should state what position you are applying for and why that specific company would benefit from hiring you.

We would like to thank Angelique for taking the time to mentor all our job seekers so each and every one of you can reach career success. If you would like to ask Angelique any other questions please feel free to email your questions to and we may just feature your question on our next reality check post. If you ever have a job related question please also feel free to post your questions on our Job Mail Facebook Page.

After reading these pointers from Angelique on why you should update your CV, is it not a clear that your CV needs some extra work? Please make sure you update your Job Mail Online CV today!

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