Job Mail improves search functionality for job seekers

We have great news for you! Now searching for your ideal job is easier than ever before. Job Mail has introduced improved search functionality to make searching for the jobs a breeze…

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Check out the screenshot of our new and improved Advanced Search options below:


The following search functionality improvements have been added to Job Mail:

  • We have improved our search by adding “any” or “all” keywords options to give you more accurate results. Selecting “any” keywords will bring up job listings in which any of the keywords you’ve typed in will appear. Selecting “all” will bring up job listings in which ALL of the keywords you’ve typed in will appear.
  • You can now also sort the ads by date or relevance. If you search via relevance it will give you the most relevant ads first. If you search via date it will give the most-recently placed ads placed for your search.

Using Job Mail Advanced Search functionality should make finding your dream job a little easier.  Feel free to try it out. You can get access to Advanced Search by clicking the “Advanced” Button next to the search bar on the Job Mail website, see the screenshot below:


If you have any queries relating to Job Mail’s Advanced search, please feel free to e-mail us.

Not finding listings for jobs in your field? Stay updated! Set up a job alert so you can get notified when new jobs are posted.

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Watch this space for regular updates for Job Seekers on the Job Mail Blog.

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