When you are job hunting… Be a Leopard!

Don’t be a lion, filled with arrogance and pride or the tiger where you use your wit and smarts to trick people. Be a leopard. The Leopard is a very gracious animal. It has a sense of vision, wonder and patience.

When it comes to strength amongst its feline counterparts, it might be mentioned in fourth or fifth position, right after the Lion and the Tiger, but it isn’t its strength that makes it quite unique. It is its ability to stand out because of its mental strength and heart.

When you are job hunting, you do not want to have the same mentality as everybody else. Which is to give up after the appearance of the lion (people that are job hungry and have all the experience and qualifications) or the tiger (filled with the ‘know it all’ mentality). You need to be like the Leopard and have the advantage of vision and patience.

When a leopard hunts, he hunts alone and at night. It is at a time when you least expect it. He uses tactics and skills, which always guarantee him his prey. He knows he cannot compete against the lion or the tiger, so he focuses on doing things that will please him.


You need to be like that. Have a plan focused on getting the job despite who might be better than you on paper.

It is not simple. But you need to have courage if you expect to get far in your job hunting. Often people are discouraged because they do not feel like they are smart or qualified enough to get the job. But sometimes it is more than the qualifications and experience that employers look for.

Employers often look for people who are open to learning and have future plans to grow with the company. So sometimes you might not have the degree from one of the top universities or an internship experience from a big company, what you have might be priceless such as your wisdom.

After all, nobody truly likes an arrogant person or a know it all. When you get into an interview it is your job to use mental skills and personality to make the employer want to hire you.

Be confident, but no too much that it borders on arrogance. Have a purpose, yes of course we all want to get paid, but show that you also want to learn and grow. It is not all about money. Be gracious and patient, if you lose this interview, think of the next one and how you can do better next time.

Searching for jobs online has made things very accessible for you, but much more broad because that means there are more people gunning for that one job. When you see the post online, try find ways how you can make yourself look better than the rest of the cats.

Because you are a leopard, you are patient, smart and gracious. They might have the strength, but you have the heart.

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