Java Developer Jobs: Exploring a career in the IT Industry

Heard of the term Java Developer but not sure what the job entails? Want to learn more about these fascinating IT jobs? Today we tell you everything you need to know to get started and qualified for exciting Java Developer jobs.

What is a Java Developer and what do they do?

There is no doubt that you’ll have come across a Java based application in your daily life, from using your phone or your computer. Why? Well, a Java developer uses the programming language Java to create a range of software, apps and websites.

Java developers are vital to many industries and they help create and build the overall structure of various applications and software that can improve lives, through education, entertainment and learning.

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Java developers are different from their Java programmer counterparts as they are involved in more than just coding and see the job through, from testing, support to analysis.

Interested in becoming a Java Developer? You’ll need a certain education level, range of skills and characteristics to get started, but once you have that, you can, quite literally, create a website or application for anything, from mobile, game consoles, desktop, datacentres to apps.

The opportunities to create and code are seemingly endless and a career in Java development is one that offers the chance to grow with whichever company you find yourself in.

What is Java?

So what is Java and why is it such an important and popular programming language?

It was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and has grown in popularity due to its easy compilation and the fact that it can run on all platforms that support Java once the code for the application or website has been created. It is secure, reliable and used by many companies and across many industries. It is estimated that Java is the most popular programming language in the world and used by more than 9 million developers across the world.


Its popularity is also due to the flexibility and variety of options that can be created using Java, from mobile to desktop, you can do it all with Java. You’ll find developers skilled in using the different Java systems, which are standard, enterprise, and mobile.

You’ll find Java developers in a range of industries, as well as companies, big and small. You can find them in e-commerce application development companies, graphic design companies, Internet application companies, software design companies and many more.

Java developers are tasked with creating a wide range of websites, apps and interfaces and their work spans across various processes. You’ll find some in web developer jobs designing interfaces, writing files, and configuring the many aspects of applications prototypes.

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They are needed as they combine coding with a high level of design, usability and understanding, to create the best websites and applications.

Java developer jobs entail working alongside web developers and a range of various IT professionals, who can help provide the best overall output for a project.

Education required for Java Developer Jobs

If you interested in these types of IT jobs, you’ll need a certain education level and qualifications for this role.

In order to become a Java Developer, you’ll find that having a degree in computer science, information systems, maths or software engineering is highly beneficial but you can also have a background in business or finance and obtain a Java certification.

You can, however, also explore the possibility of becoming a Sun Certified Java Programmer, where you will need a bachelors degree, some experience in software as well as problem solving and strong analytical skills.


You can take a course to become a Sun Certified Java Programmer through Oracle which is a world recognised certificate.

UNISA offers a short course in Java, with the introduction to Java Programming, which aims to teach you to create programs for various applications. You’ll have to know the basics of programming principles for this. Note that this might also be a beneficial course for those in web developer jobs.

Damelin also offers a Skills Programme in Introduction to Java Programming. The course involves learning about the principles of Java, how to design, write and analyse programs. The Damelin option allows you to receive a Sun Certified Java Associate Certificate and a Sun Certified Java Programmer Certificate from Sun Java, if you decide to write optional, external exams.

Each of the degrees and courses vary in length, with degrees taking up five years, while the short courses can run for a few weeks.

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Interested in Java Developer jobs? There are various duties, responsibilities, skillsets and characteristics required for the job.

Responsibilities, Skills, Characteristics of a Java Developer

As a Java Developer you’ll find you have a range of varying responsibilities and duties.

You will be responsible for programming Java on a range of applications and websites, often dependant on the industry you find yourself in. Along with creating, designing, developing and maintaining the various Java applications you’ll also need to help test, debug and analyse them.

Along with creating Java applications and websites, you will have to ensure that what you create meets the business and user requirements and if it is in line with the overall project. This is likely to involve web development and certain administrative tasks, including updating and testing code.

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You may also work on various projects that require you to help train and teach other employees about new and different software and the benefits thereof.

While many hard and soft skills are required for a job as a Java Developer, a highly important aspect is being able to interpret and understand requests, then design, create and build from there. This is vital as it saves time and money in overall process and allows for the most efficient use of resources on the project.

Soft skills needed for Java Developer jobs include having great attention to detail, time management, as well as being an analytic thinker and enjoying problem solving.

Hard skills include knowledge in Java, Javascript as well a range of other relevant programming and database hardware and software.

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As you will spend your hours coding Java as well as being immersed in applications and websites, working alongside other professionals in web developer jobs, you will need to enjoy being in a static environment. It can be a job with very little interaction, as the focus is coding, so being comfortable working alone, or as part of a small team is key.

An exciting aspect about these IT jobs is that there are a host of opportunities and growth potential in the career field.

Career opportunities and growth in these IT Jobs

While you may find yourself working as a Java Developer there are many opportunities for growth within the career path.

You will most likely start as a junior developer while you are gaining experience and move up to a senior position over the years, where your responsibilities will grow to develop, review and evaluate the various processes. Then the usual path is then to a team leader, where you will be responsible for a variety of projects and then Development Manager or Architect, where you will help direct the project.

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Finally you could find yourself as the Chief Information Officer which is a top position usually given to someone who manages and is in charge of all aspects of the IT strategy and development.

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Java Developer Jobs: Exploring a career in the IT Industry
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Java Developer Jobs: Exploring a career in the IT Industry
Heard of the term Java Developer? Today we tell you everything you need to know to get started and qualified for exciting Java Developer jobs.
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