How internship programmes help you get more than just the job

Except the obvious reason of wanting to ‘get the job’, internship programmes are probably one of the few things that can make your CV gleam amongst the many other stacked up in an HR office.

After the completion of your degree, many people feel pressured to find a job and not take on other opportunities such as enrolling for an Honours Degree or taking on an internship. Either option has the power to get you a better paying job than somebody who merely has a degree and no experience.

Experience is not only measured according to your skills and duties. You are encouraged to take on an internship because you get a chance to experience the workplace and you learn skills from more than just your supervisor, but from everyone you encounter at the office.

You can either do one after you graduate or one as you are studying. Engineering students are able to become interns during their second or third years of their engineering degree, meaning that before they graduate they have enough experience to become qualified engineers.

Internships can be a very interesting experience for you or just simply an experience. Take for instance, Engineering internships; unlike others, Mechanical, Industrial or even Design Engineering interns actually get a chance to implement what they have learned. That means that they get a chance to get their hands dirty and work in line with their specialisation.

Engineering students spend the first two years of their degrees learning about the Engineering domain, and can only specialise in either Mechanical, Industrial, Aeronautical etc., in their third year. This gives them an opportunity to learn more about the career and find one that is suitable for their specific passions.

An internship helps you because you often do not require any training when you get your first job. You also have the experience of the working environment, and chances are the company that you intern for can hire you after your months or a year of working for them as an intern.


Who should apply for an internship?

Internships differ from career to career. Like mentioned above, Engineering students can apply for their internships in their second year. While in media it is often after the completion of your degree.

During the internship, you get to do the smallest jobs in the office, they might be small but they can have a huge impact. It is all about making yourself visible and not taking the opportunity very lightly. It can be the difference between you being at the job for years after your internship or someone else being considered for the position that could have been yours.

You should never view yourself as a small part of the company, you are as important as everyone else at the company. After all, why would a company waste their money on someone they do not think can have a great impact on the whole formation of the company?

You have to be as professional at the internship as you would have if you were given the job. Apply for an internship programme and you will realise how much of a great impact it can have on your CV and future.

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