In demand job skills for IT Professionals

When it comes to IT jobs, a number of job skills are sought-after by employers. Knowing what these skills are and entail, can help you apply for a vacancy that matches your skills and qualifications.

Listed below in no particular order are IT skills that are sought-after:

  1. Data Mining and Statistical Analysis.
  2. Operating Systems that extend to include Linux, Unix and Mac.
  3. User Interface (UI) Design.
  4. Java Development.
  5. Perl, Python and Ruby.
  6. Web Architecture.
  7. Development Framework.
  8. Information and Network Security.
  9. Middleware and Integration Software.
  10. Mobile Development

Note that this list does not by any means contain all the IT skills that are demand, but rather highlights some great IT careers and specialisations you might want to look into. The IT industry is ever changing, evolving as newer or better technologies emerge.

it skills

Working in IT means that you will have to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and completing relevant training and courses to up your employability skills, can be beneficial to your career.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s look in a bit more detail at these job skills:

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Data mining and the statistical analysis of this data is a highly useful skill in the industry, but what is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process of taking raw data (for example the visitors to a website) and turning it into information that can be used to the benefit of a company (like creating targeted marketing campaigns). A simple way to explain it is instead of using the “we have 100 visitors to our website in a day”, data mining and statistical analysis goes deeper into who these visitors are and what they do on the website.

This can result in accurate data that looks at these visitors in terms of gender, age, how long they stay on the site, what browser they use to access the site, the parts of the site they use the most, the products they are most interested in, the province or city they live in and even which buttons they are more likely to click on.

This list can go on and is only limited by what this website is able to ‘record’. These skills can be applied to various systems – from banking systems and credit accounts at a store, to buyers and even the user databases of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

data mining jobs

Why does this make the list of job skills for the IT industry? Detailed data is power. This data can be used in everything from business projections (like profit projections) and creating targeted marketing campaigns, to making data supported decisions about changes on a website that will result in more clicks.

Operating Systems (OS) that extend to include Linux, Unix and Mac

While we all know Mac (like Windows), Linux and Unix might still be a little unfamiliar to you.

Unix, like Windows and Mac, is an operating system with its origins way back in 1969. From Bell Labs, Unix was also the first standard or open operating system. Constantly being developed, Unix is a stable, multi-user, multi-tasking system for laptops, servers and desktops. While there is a graphical user interface (GUI), not all operations are covered and a knowledge of Unix is required to use it.

Linux is an open source operating system and probably one of the better known ones out there. Because it is free and open source, those with the appropriate IT and job skills are able to freely contribute to it. Like with Windows and Mac, there are specific software and programmes, but with the right skills and knowledge, Linux is extremely customisable.

linux os

So why is this on our list of important IT skills? Different companies make use of different operating systems, requiring the specialised eye of an individual that has knowledge of these operating systems. Whether it is a system admin role, or a development role, you will need to know the ins and outs of the operating systems you will be working on. Having an understanding, knowledge or experience on various operating systems can be beneficial when it comes to employability skills for IT jobs.

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) design is IT careers associated with the design or engineering of user interfaces for software, mobile devices, computers and just about any electronic device or application you can think of. This user interface is what you (the user) sees when logging into your payroll software or app on your phone. This interface gives you all the functionalities you want from our app or software.

User Experience (UX) design has to do with what this interface looks like (the visuals), like the layout of your functions and the colour schemes used.

Combining UI and UX results in powerful IT skills. These job skills not only allow you to provide the user with all the needed functionalities, but also provide the user with an easy to use, smooth experience.

ux and ui jobs

Simply put, this is where the technical aspects and the visual aspects of an app screen for example comes together to create a great, user-friendly experience that puts all the needed functionality and power in the hands of a user.

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a UI designer is around R 270 000 while a UX designer earns an average annual income of around R 305 000. Do keep in mind that skills and work experience also play a role in your salary.

Java Development

Java is very simply put a programming language that powers a number of applications and even online games. Java is also a very versatile language, allowing you to create software that is able to run on different types of devices and applications (from mobile phones to websites) and operating systems (like Mac and Windows for example).

Java developers are specialised programmers and working in these types of IT careers, you will be responsible for integrating Java (be it on websites or applications) for clients or the company you work for. This field also involves working with various professionals in the IT industry like software engineers, designers and web developers, to name but a few examples.

java developer jobs

According to PayScale, a Java Developer earns an average annual income of around R 303 000. Browse through the current Java Developer jobs on Job Mail.

Perl, Python and Ruby

Perl, Python and Ruby are programming languages. It is important to keep in mind that each programming language has its strengths and weaknesses. While one company might choose to use a certain programming language, another might, for a number of reasons, choose to use a completely different language.

Having IT skills, a basic understanding or a deeper knowledge in a number of programming languages are beneficial, but also know that specialising in one programming language also has its benefits.

perl programming language

Web Architecture

Web or website architecture is the approach taken to how a website is built. These IT careers involve everything from the technical and visual aspects of the website to the functionalities of the website.

This architecture takes into consideration the user and how the user will be using the website, as well as the content on the website, how this content is structured, web design, navigation, how the content is accessed by the user and of course the business plan.

Do you have these jobs skills in your arsenal? Check out the IT related architecture jobs on Job Mail.

Development Framework

Very simply described, a framework can be seen as platform, structure or foundation on which software developers and engineers can build specific programmes (or software) for (or that works on) that specific platform.

web architecture and development

There is a range of different frameworks – from .NET and ActiveX – and depending on the specific IT jobs you are working in, these frameworks will differ. For example, if you are an App developer, you might be using the Android Application Framework. A Web Framework (WF) is also a software framework providing the foundation on which web services, applications and web APIs can be developed and built.

Having the understanding, knowledge or ability to work on different frameworks (or even specific, popular frameworks) can be beneficial additions to your IT skills list on your CV.

Information and Network Security

Today’s systems contain a large set of user and company information. For all purposes, protecting this information is an extremely important aspect and having knowledge and skills in this field, is a sought-after by various companies – from financial and health institutions, to private companies and ecommerce websites.

Taking on this role means that you will be actively involved in preventing unauthorised access to data, creating a secure platform for users, the programmes used and the company you work for.

network security job skills

Middleware and Integration Software

Middleware can be described as that bridge between a database or operating system and the applications that run on these operating systems and databases. It is what connects two separate entities.

A very simple example of this is accessing or requesting information from a database. You complete a form for example (request information) via a web browser and the middleware is responsible for getting that information from the database and displaying it in the web browser. Middleware connects the web browser with the database. Like all IT skills and careers, it is more technical than this description.

Mobile Development

As we move to a more ‘mobile’ experience – accessing information from our phones where we would have used our PCs a couple of years ago – mobile development or mobile application development is becoming one of the many popular IT Careers.

mobile and app development

Mobile development comes with its own sets of frameworks and languages and, being able to work and develop on these different frameworks using different programming languages are an added bonus on your job skills list in your CV.

The IT Industry is a large field that hosts everyone from software developers and network security specialists, to Business Intelligence (BI) and architecture gurus. It is also a competitive field, where the best wins.

Having amazing employability skills and an understanding of various aspects, languages, frameworks and operating systems not only looks good on your CV, but opens the door to challenging and rewarding possibilities in your own career.

Do you have a robust list of amazing IT skills and looking for exciting IT jobs in a field that seeks your specialised set of skills? Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for great job opportunities that require your expert knowledge.

In demand job skills for IT Professionals
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In demand job skills for IT Professionals
The IT industry is ever changing and, when it comes to IT jobs, there are a number of job skills that are sought-after by employers.
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