IMM Graduate School launches vital Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Supply Chain Management

In today’s ever-changing world, built on technology, e-commerce, and global trade, supply chain management is increasingly becoming a pivotal personal competence and a key competitive advantage for many businesses. This trend is manifesting in a worldwide shortage of supply chain management (SCM) skills and, in particular, a critical skills shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hence the need for comprehensive and relevant SCM education and training.

The IMM Graduate School is answering this challenge with the introduction of a brand-new degree, the Bachelor of Commerce International Supply Chain Management, which is the first of its kind for the 2020 academic year.

Where marketing determines what offerings customers want and need, SCM ensures that the inputs that are needed to produce these offerings are available to the organisation when they need to be converted into finished goods and services. Thereafter, SCM plays a critical role in getting the product or service to the end-user.

Programme description and purpose

The Bachelor of Commerce in International Supply Chain Management comprises a number of modules all of which have been deliberately synergised to provide students with a world-class SCM and business qualification.

Consisting of three independent streams (Transport and Logistics, Procurement, and Public Procurement), the degree has been designed to provide students with a content-rich and application-oriented learning experience with the emphasis on employability and tangible value-add to companies. The best-in-class content has been benchmarked and validated by subject matter experts across various sectors and disciplines for use in this programme.

IMM Graduate School Supply Chain Management

This three-year degree covers a variety of both business and supply chain-related subjects. The content is structured to introduce foundational theory and to also focus on practical implementation through a variety of projects using topical local and international case studies. The degree includes a module offered in partnership with a leading global ERP company, to prepare students for the practical realities of a supply chain role. This project-based module provides students with an additional external certification that will differentiate IMM graduates from other students.

Completion of the qualification will position graduates for management roles within the areas of inventory and materials management, procurement, logistics, and supply chain management.

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Mode of delivery

The IMM Graduate School offers its qualifications primarily in an online format, augmented by a variety of additional content. The core material is available in a compelling digital presentation, complete with pacers, self-assessment opportunities, links to further material, articles of interest, and more. This digital portal also serves as the primary point of contact and communication on academic and administrative matters with a dedicated team to respond to student queries. The content delivery is supported by regular webinars recorder and posted by lecturers as well as regular weekly scheduled consultation sessions.

For more information about any of our programmes, visit the IMM Graduate School website or contact us on 0861 IMM 476 to speak to a consultant today.

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IMM launches International Supply Chain Management Degree
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IMM launches International Supply Chain Management Degree
The IMM Graduate School introduces a brand-new degree, the Bachelor of Commerce International Supply Chain Management. Find out more on the Job Mail blog.
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