HR Jobs: Employee, Industrial and Labour Relations Explained

Human resources jobs offer plenty of exciting career opportunities. If you want an answer to the question, “What is labour relations?”, then read our informative blog to find out more. Before you look for HR jobs find out if you have what it takes to succeed in this career. Employee relations jobs and industrial relations positions are other great options.


Build a Career with Employee Relations Jobs

Employee relations representatives work in human resources. They can find employment in both the public and private sectors. Their core responsibility is to oversee the wellbeing of the company’s staff. Duties that are associated with this position include liaising with key stakeholders to negotiate staff wages and benefits. They may be required to liaise with union representatives. Employee relations representatives must have knowledge of South Africa’s labour laws as well as an understanding of their employer’s policies.


If the company has employees with disabilities they need to make sure that adequate measures are in place to accommodate these staff members. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is required for this position.

Companies require employee relations representatives to educate staff members on the company’s policies. Employee relations jobs also include daily tasks such as liaising with the HR team, dealing with extended absences and upholding employment policies.

Majoring in human resources or labour relations at university is beneficial if you want to find employment in this field. Subjects in employee relations fields may include workplace relations as well as employee compensation.


Completing an internship in relevant Human Resource jobs to gain experience can increase your chances of finding employment in the industry. To excel at this position you will need outstanding problem-solving and communication skills. Interpersonal skills with the ability to negotiate are vital for this position.

The advantage of finding this type of employment is that this position can offer good job satisfaction. In this role you will have the opportunity to negotiate deals that have a positive outcome for both the staff and company. However, there are also many challenges that come with this role. When there are disputes it can be stressful to resolve them with favourable outcomes for both parties.

Industrial Relations Jobs

The main duty of an industrial relations professional is to uphold efficient organizational practices between staff members and the company. During industrial negotiations they may be required to speak for industrial and commercial organizations as well as unions.


These types of HR jobs in the industry entail advising organizations on industrial agreements. Another important part of this position is researching industrial relations which may include determining how adjustments to policies affect the company’s productivity.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in industrial relations you can complete a university degree majoring in human resources or management. Organizational Leadership and Psychology are both applicable majors for this career.

To find industrial relations jobs you will typically need a tertiary education. Excellent analytical skills and negotiating capabilities are required for this position.

Labour Relations Vacancies

If you are looking for human resource jobs, consider a career in labour relations. Labour relations officers are required to analyse union complaints to determine their legitimacy. They play a role in labour negotiations by representing the organization or employees.


Other tasks that are associated with this position include implementing health and safety regulations. They gather evidence to present at disciplinary hearings. They are involved in collective bargaining which may include heading negotiations, developing strategies or calculating risk levels.

Labour relations professionals are tasked with compiling reports that offer an overview of the data that they have collected from employees. This serves to give mangers an understanding of employee satisfaction levels and any grievances staff members may have. If you think this is the right career for you, you can start looking for labour relations vacancies.


If you are interested in employee relations jobs, then it is time to get started on building your career. First you will need to complete a relevant degree and then you can start looking for jobs. Obtaining experience in the industry that you plan to work in is also beneficial as it will help you to build your skills and capabilities. If you are already qualified, why not register your CV on and start applying for everything from Labour Relations Jobs to Industrial Relations jobs? With a wide range of HR Jobs to choose from, you are sure to find a vacancy that best suits you.

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