How To Write An Effective Job Advert

Applicants are drawn to well-written content, and the quality of your job ad will determine the quality of the candidates responding to it.

Try these simple tips to ensure your ad is attractive and effective:

  1. Provide a clear job title – It is the first thing a potential applicant will see, so ensure that it is clear, simple and informative. Also use job titles that are generally accepted for the specific job you are advertising.
  2. Be detailed in your job-description and complete all the fields on the Place a FREE Job Ad page – This will make it easy for the right candidates, with specific job requirements to quickly find your ad quickly.
  3. Include a brief profile of your company – This is an opportunity to “sell” the company to the applicant and generate their interest in the job advertised. If your particular subscription to Job Mail allows it, upload your company logo to your ad for extra impact.
  4. Provide clear details of the skills, experience and abilities applicants must possess –This will help applicants to instantly assess their suitability for the particular role.
  5. Be detailed about the responsibilities of the role – Outline what the job involves and what tasks the applicants can expect to handle if they are recruited for the role.
  6. Add additional details of the job or company at the bottom of the ad – This includes details on additional benefits such as a medical aid, pension scheme, travel allowance etc.
  7. Be clear about the application procedure – Let applicants know how they should make contact you (i.e. email/fax/phone) and what documents you require and in which format. This will also decrease unwanted calls and emails.
  8. Include a contact name and reference number – It provides a ‘human’ aspect to the ad making applicants feel reassured in an otherwise automated process.

Hope this info is of use and makes your recruitment experience easier and more effective.

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