How to use the Job Mail Mobile CV Editing Tool

Job Mail Online has been developing cutting edge job hunting technology since 1997. Today, Job Mail launches its much anticipated Mobile CV Editing Tool. This on-the-go CV managing tool provides job seekers with various functionalities, including the convenience of improving and updating an already loaded Job Mail CV straight from their mobile phone.

If job seekers are new to Job Mail, all they need to do is go to the Job Mail website and register their basic CV. Once this quick and easy form is completed, the job seeker will receive an email confirming their registration. This email confirmation is the job seekers green card to using the newly launched Job Mail Mobile CV Editing Tool.

Job seekers need to check that their mobile phone has enough airtime loaded on the device so that you can get busy and enhance their Job Mail Online CV by logging-in here

So, many of you are probably wondering how this new mobile CV service works?

Well, this new mobile CV service was designed for all job seekers to manage and edit their Job Mail Online CV’s while on the go. This means that while you are sitting at home you can now log-in to your existing Job Mail job seeker profile and update your details to improve your CV straight from your mobile phone.

If you are new to Job Mail, all they need to do is go an Internet café and visit and click on the ‘Place CV’ link at the top of the site or click here to register your basic CV. Once this quick and easy form is completed, you will get an email confirming that they are now a verified Job Mail job seeker. As a registered Job Mail job seeker you can now go to this link via your mobile phone and you will be welcomed into your Job Mail mobile profile.

The very next thing you need to do is make sure that your CV is active.  Click on the ‘Manage Profile’ tab and scroll down until you find the ‘Make Active / Inactive’ tab. Once you click on this tab,a new screen will open asking you whether you would like to activate your profile. Press on the Activate my profile tab and your profile will be become viewable by recruiters. If you choose to deactivate your profile your CV will be on the Job Mail CV database but recruiters and employers will not be able to search your profile or send you messages offering you job opportunities. Please make sure that when you decide to deactivate your profile, that you are aware that recruiters will no longer be able to find you.

You will have also noticed that there are many other tabs that you can now click on and explore to edit your Job Mail Online CV. We have given you the below list to familiarise yourself with what each of these new tabs can do and how you can use them to enhance your CV.

(1)  Manage Profile: To complete your Job Mail Online CV go to the field titled ‘Manage Profile.’ When you access your profile you will see how much information you still need to add to your CV to get it up to 100% complete. You will also be able to edit your Personal Details, Dream Job, Qualifications, Employment History as well as your CV and References. Once your CV is complete and updated you can look at Browsing for jobs.

(2)  Browse Jobs:When you click on the ‘Browse Jobs’ category you are able to see all the job adverts loaded onto the Job Mail website under a certain industry you are interested in. You are able to see the most recent jobs and then browse through all of the rest of the jobs page by page. If it is taking too long to find the job you are looking for you can always use the Search Jobs tab.

(3)  Search Jobs Tab: If you click on this tab you will be able to put in a specific search terms and the mobile site will give you the results for that search. If you are a cheese maker it makes sense to use the search tab, so that the mobile site can show you the amount of cheese maker jobs that are listed on the site. Once you find a job that matches your qualifications you can click on the job and hit the Apply button. When you apply you can then write a personalized cover letter or you can write a new one from your phone. Please make sure that you activate your spell checking function on your phone so that recruiters don’t ignore or delete your application. To see how many jobs you have applied for it is a good idea to click on the My Applications tab.

(4)  My Applications: If you click on this tab you can see the details of the jobs that you have applied for. If you have some spare time and are able to access the from a PC, you are able to add jobs to your personal job basket and later apply for these jobs via your mobile phone.

(5)  Job Basket:Once you have added jobs to your job basket from the , you can apply for these jobs when you have time have to write a good cover letter. It is a good idea to add jobs to your job basket during the day via your PC and apply to these jobs in the evening when you have more time on your mobile phone. When a recruiter wants to interview you they will often use the Responses function. It is a good idea to check the View Responses tab at least once a day.

(6)  View Responses: Check this tab to see if any recruiters have responded to the applications that you have submitted.

Your CV is selling card, so ensure that your CV is 100% complete to get more recruiters and employers viewing your Job Mail profile.

We hope that this Job Mail Mobile CV Editing Tool guide helped you to improve your Job Mail Online CV from your mobile phone. If you have any other queries on how to use one of the new features we explained in this post, please feel free to contact the Job Master at and he will gladly walk you through the CV editing process.

Please note: the Job Mail CV Editing Tool works with most mobile phones, if you are having problems accessing the mobile site please contact the Job Mail Webmaster via for assistance.

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