How To Spot The Best Employee For The Job

The best candidate for the job isn’t necessarily the most educated one or the one with the most colourful CV, but the one who, along with being smart, can fit in well with the organisation’s culture and actually do the tasks required of them.

How do you then spot a potential employee amongst a multitude of seemingly good candidates? Here are a few steps you can follow that will help distinguish the chaff from the wheat and get the right person for the job:

Step 1: Do a brief initial screening interview by telephone

This is an easy way to immediately screen out unsuitable candidates and also uncover the applicant’s biographical details.

Step 2: Conduct pre-employment tests

Studies have proven that a pre-employment test can accurately predict an applicant’s success or failure at a specific job. Candidates who get good scores on the pre-employment test should be invited to a personal interview.

Step 3: Conduct in-depth interviews

Before conducting the interviews, make a list of characteristics you must definitely find in the person to be hired. From this list create your interview questions.

Step 4: Role-play or work simulation

Once your applicant has successfully been interviewed, put them in a position that would show how he/she will behave in the particular job or work environment. For example, create a scenario of a typical job related problem and ask them to provide a solution. Use a checklist to determine the skills the applicant does and does not display.

Step 5: A realistic job observation

If you notice the applicant is doing well in the role-playing exercise, the next step is to determine if the applicant really wants to do required job tasks. Have the employees spend 2-4 hours to observe and interact with one of your employees currently doing the job they will be doing, and then find out if he/she actually enjoyed doing it.

Step 6: Do thorough reference and background checks

Call the applicant’s former superiors and ask about their previous work performance and whether they can be recommended. You can also use the opportunity to determine how best you can manage your new employee, and what strengths to utilize.  It is also wise to do a background check for any criminal or credit-related records.

Hope this is useful! By carefully following these steps, finding a suitable candidate should come natural. Remember to also keep placing your FREE job adverts and to Browse CV’s on Job Mail to get that recruitment ball rolling and have those good candidates come to you…

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