How To Search Effectively on Job Mail on Your Mobile

Job Mail has been providing Job Seekers with a service to find their dream job since the late 1990s. It’s our aim to enable Job Seekers to find the job that they desperately need.

Lately we have been receiving many requests for jobs on the Job Mail Facebook page. It seems that there are many Job Seekers that need assistance to search on the Job Mail Mobile website. We realize that not finding the Job Listings you require quickly frustrates our users.

Well, Job Mail is going to ease your frustration. Today Job Mail will give you a step by step guide on how to maximize your job seeking ability by making use of the Search function on the Job Mail Mobile site effectively.

To search on Job Mail mobile, visit on your mobile phone

Click on “search jobs”. Then click on  the expand box next to “all industries” to select your industry. And click on Expand box next to “all countries” to select your region

Then click on search

You will then get your results

Click on the Job  Title to get more details and to apply

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