How to register your CV on Job Mail (without a CV document)

Looking for a new job? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Job Mail is one of SA’s leading online job portals offering South Africans over 16 000 job vacancies and opportunities. In order to apply for these positions, you need to register your CV on Job Mail, and you can do so in just a few easy steps.

There are two ways to register your CV on Job Mail:

  1. Upload your CV and our system will extract the information from the document and complete the fields in the form. Click here to see our How-To Guide.
  2. If you don’t have a CV, you can fill in your details on our registration form in order to create your online profile and CV.

So, let’s take you through the registration process if you don’t have a CV document you can upload.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Click on ‘Create a Free Job Seeker CV’ on the top navigation bar of the Job Mail website.

    If you are on mobile, click on the ‘Create Free CV’ button on the navigation bar.

  2. Click on ‘Build Your CV’.

    This will then take you to a new page with a pop-up where you have to insert and confirm your email address. This is so we can check whether a profile already exists for you or if you need to create a new one.

    If a profile exists for you already, we will prompt you to log into your profile. If you can’t remember your password, please click ‘forgot your password’ and follow the steps to reset your password.

  3. Fill in your personal details. Remember the fields with a * are required fields.

    The ‘Personal Details’ section is the 1st section of the form you need to complete. There are 3 sections in total.

    Under ‘Personal Details’, you’ll have to fill in the following:
    • Email address
    • Contact number
    • Name and surname
    • Date of birth
    • Password
    • Citizenship
    • Employment equity
    • Disability status
    • Gender
    • Highest education level
    • Ethnicity

  4. Fill in your ideal job information.

    This section allows you to specify what type of job you’re looking for and it is extremely important for you to fill in this information. It helps employers identify relevant job seekers when they’re searching through our database. If you don’t fill this in or leave information out, chances are employers might not find your CV as quickly as they should. The most relevant CVs will appear at the top of the list. When you fill in the information correctly, it will make your profile more relevant to what potential employers are looking for.

    You can expect to fill in or select the following:
    • The job title of the position you want
    • How many years of experience you have in this field
    • Select a relevant industry and sub-industry (also known as categories)
    • You can also select an alternative industry and sub-industry
    • Specify whether you’ll be willing to relocate
    • Select your region, province, city, and suburb
    • Add your required salary
    • Specify your payment type (per day, hour, week, month or year)
    • Indicate your availability (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, immediate or negotiable)

  5. Fill in your latest employment information.

    This is the last section of the form and important to fill in since it can also make your profile more or less relevant to a potential employer’s search.

    In this section, you can select whether you are employed, unemployed or a first-time job seeker.

    The information you’ll need to fill in includes:
    • The company name of your latest/last employer
    • Your latest/last job title
    • The industry and sub-industry of your latest/last job
    • Your employment level (unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled technician, professional, management or senior management)
    • Your latest/last salary
    • The area where you live (region, province, city and suburb)
    • When you started at your latest/last employer
    • The payment type of your salary (per day, hour, week, month or year)
    • And your appointment type (full time, part time or contact)

  6. Check that all your information is correct and that all the required fields have been filled in.

    Submit your details by clicking ‘ register ’.

Have a CV document that you can upload instead? Click here to see the steps of how to register on Job Mail by uploading your CV.

How to register your CV on Job Mail (without a CV document)
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How to register your CV on Job Mail (without a CV document)
Are you looking for a job? Register your CV on Job Mail & start searching for vacancies today. Read our blog post to discover the steps you need to follow.
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