How to impress employers in 5 easy steps (Infographic)

Are you struggling to find a job? Are job interviews getting the best of you? Are you qualified for a a position but not impressing your potential employer? The University of Georgia Career Center (based in the USA) recently published an interesting infographic entitled “How to impress employers in 5 easy steps” and I’m pretty sure that this will prove to be very helpful in your job hunting journey. 


This useful infographic explains the 5 steps that you can follow to impress your potential employer in detail. Job seekers are reminded that they should introduce themselves (preferably using an elevator pitch), describe what makes them unique, state their goals and positions that they want to reach and skills that they want to master, do proper research about the company they could be working for and make a strong conclusion to impress employers. Check out the detailed infographic below:

Impress Employers in 5 Easy Steps

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