How to get a job in the New Year

2012 is here but are you ready to tackle the New Year? First things first, you need to get your job hunting plan in check. There are thousands of other job seekers out there also looking for work. So what makes you different?

It is a hard question to answer, but with all things in life nothing is impossible, if you have a plan. Now is the time for you to adopt a new job search strategy for the New Year. Companies are hiring, but you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to win an interview, and ultimately, the job of your dreams.

We have a couple job search strategies that you can choose from but at the end of the day it is up to you to choose the plan that best suits you. If one plan does not work it may mean that you have to try another strategy to grab the attention of an employer so that you can get that desired job position. Sometimes, this may require you to break away from your comfort zone and try different strategies so that you can get hired.

Read the below New Year job hunting strategies that you can try out today:

If your CV from last year is not getting response it may be time for a change: Most job seekers take their CV for granted, but your CV is your selling card. If your CV from last year is not getting any response from recruiters, then we can safely say that it is time for you to update your CV. Your CV should have taken you at least a day to complete. If you have spent minimal time putting your CV together then this could be another reason why no-one is looking at it. Go to a friend or family member who has a job and ask them to look at your CV and ask for advice on how you can enhance your CV. Always remember to put the most relevant experience first, this show the recruiter that you are serious about finding a job in that industry. Also make sure that all your skills are in your CV. If you don’t include one of your skills this means that you are potentially missing out on jobs that require that skill. So get to work and revamp your CV now!

Research the companies you would most like to work for and then plan your attack: Research all the people in the company you would most like to work for by using the Internet.Always remember that Google is a job seekers friend. Search every name against your LinkedIn database and then get to work. Call the HR Manager, email the Director with a mini CV and introduction, show-up and make an appointment, court the gatekeeper, bring lunch, send a proposal to the MD and network with the contacts around them (peers, juniors, managers, salespeople, etc.).

Make contacts with the people that matter: If you don’t know someone who works at your dream company, find someone who knows someone one to two degrees away. A good idea would be to start making the right connections on Linkedin and see if one of them can introduce you to one of the decision makers at your target company. Once you have made contact it is time for you to send your newly revamped CV with an introduction letter that grabs this employee’s attention.

Call in some favours: This is no time to be proud. Ask your family and friends if their company is hiring. If there are positions available that match your skills, ask them if you can send themyour CV so that they can recommend you for the job. Most companies give employees incentives for finding good recruits. If this is the case, they will do the hard work to try and get you the job.

Try something else until that dream job comes along: Those of you reading this post may have recently left varsity and have entered the job market after attaining your degree, a degree that you have worked long and hard to achieve. You probably have your heart set on landing a job in your designated field but you have no experience. Don’t worry because we have all been where you are now. The reality of finding a job in your field is not easy, we are not saying you shouldn’t try, you must just understand that if you want a job in your industry it is going to take a while before you get that lucky break. While you are in limbo this is a good time to take on a waitron job or temporary position. These jobs may open doors and build your connection base to more influential people in your field. It is worth a try! At least you will be making money to set yourself up, while you continue to apply for jobs in your desired field on Job Mail.

If you’re facing 2012 thinking you have done everything you can do to land that dream job and it has not been successful, you may want to try these techniques to give yourself an emotional jump-start.

All the best with your new job finding plans and don’t forget to contact us to share the good news when you get hired! We at Job Mail love to hear that our advice has assisted you in reaching your dreams.

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    I am looking for a job just finished my matric any kind of job. I am a hard worker always looking up for a challege

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