How to gain experience before applying for graphic design jobs

Graphic design jobs usually require applicants to have experience in the industry. A graphic designer is involved with designing images for different brands. The designs are created according to the needs of the client. Employment can be found working for websites, computer games, media companies and magazines. Activities include meeting with clients, assessing the client’s needs, creating designs, writing quotes and giving presentations.


How to gain experience before applying

The job requires knowledge of design software and the ability to work with a variety of media. Graphic designers should be able to meet deadlines and produce high quality work. Other requirements for this position include self-motivation, creativity and the ability to work as part of a team.


Applicants for user experience design jobs in South Africa can increase their chances of finding employment by designing an online portfolio. Service providers such as Behance offer an online platform where designers can create a portfolio. This allows job applicants to show employees their skills and the quality of their work. Other options include Dribble and DeviantArt. Online portfolios can be made more visible if they are linked to blogs.


Another way to gain experience is to find freelance jobs. The Blur Group allows graphic designers to showcase their work and link to clients. is a platform for designers to access briefs and pitch their ideas.

Internships help graphic designers to develop their skills and improve their resume. Doing volunteer work is another way of gaining experience and helping charities can be a rewarding experience. Job applicants with limited experience can use their resumes to demonstrate their creative ability. Applicants should take examples of their work to job interviews and for maximum impact the sample should be based on the company’s brand. Applicants may be given a brief prior to the interview.

Joining a design organization is a good way to network and learn from other creative people. The advice gained from other members of organizations such as AIGA can be valuable when applying for a job. Entering competitions is another way for graphic designers to hone their skills and gain experience in the industry.

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Examples of Graphic Design works of art:

graphic-design-example graphic-design-example2 graphic-design-example3


Here is a video showing exactly what a graphic designer can do:

[youtube id=”yx0NpNFOIvI” align=”center” maxwidth=”719″]

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