How to Email or Download your CV from Job Mail

Would you like to have access to your Job Mail CV on your computer hard drive to use as you please? Here’s how to Email or Download your CV from Job Mail.

To email your Job Mail CV to yourself follow these simple steps:

1.  Login to your Job Mail Profile.

2.  On your Dashboard click on “Preview My Profile”.

3.  Click on “Email CV to me”.

Email your CV

You will receive an email with your CV in a similar, now improved, format that an employer would receive should they download your CV.

Your CV

To download your Job Mail CV follow these simple steps:

1.  Login to your Job Mail Profile

2.  On your Dashboard click on “Preview My Profile

3.  Click on “Download Job Mail CV”

Download your CV

Your CV will open up in a PDF viewer on your browser

Click on “Save” and point to the place where you would like to store your CV on your computer.

If you have followed these steps, you have successfully downloaded or emailed your CV.

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13 Responses

  1. Fredy Mubako says:

    I have been trying your website to get a job but nothing has come out of this. Some areas of your website are not accessible.

    please help

    Fredy Mubako

  2. I’m a qualify boiler maker section13 Olifantsfontain Indlela tested with 3years experiance I’m able to read a drawing and finnish task with given time I’ll be a good asset to your company

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link Then look for Jobs that you need at (on your cell phone) or (on your PC) and apply for them. You can search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon!

  3. Q.V. Nzuza says:

    Thank you for everything I learn

  4. Is your site really helping?is there people that got jobs out it?I have sometime now since I have been using it but I doubt if they are checking my applications

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Queen – We do receive responses from people who find jobs on a regular basis. It takes a lot of patience and effort to find a new job 🙂

  5. mkhethwa skosana says:

    please include closing dates for posts

  6. I applied for a sales rep positions around gauteng and two months has passed by without any response, please tell me what must i do coz it seems as if my cv is not up to standard coz i have six years fmcg experience, please help

  7. sciza says:

    How do I tag my cv on my email?

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