How to Choose the Right Project Management Career Path

So you’ve decided to pursue a career in project management but you are not exactly sure which project management stream to take.

Look at the infographic and article below for insight into four possible project management career paths and see if you can figure out which one you’d enjoy the most:


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Business Project Management

As a business project manager, you would need exceptional leadership and organisational skills as you would have to assign the correct roles and responsibilities to each of the team members involved in the project. You would also need a sound understanding of the business environment and how organisations operate so that you can resolve the problems and manage the risks that might occur during the process.

The types of projects you might be involved in could range from implementing a new system to developing a new product.

Construction Project Management

As a construction project manager you would have to plan entire construction projects. You would also be responsible for the hiring of building contractors, engineers and architects.

To carry out this role effectively, you would need experience within the construction industry, knowledge of building regulations, knowledge of health and safety regulations, and contacts in the construction industry.

The types of projects you might be involved in could range from the construction of houses, office blocks, and schools to the construction of roads, bridges and factories. Because of this, construction project management is a highly specialised role.

Financial Project Management

As a financial project manager you would be responsible for implementing different types of projects in the finance sector. It would be your responsibility, for example, to safeguard financial systems and information.  You would also be responsible for financial reporting, forecasting and financial analysis.

To work in this role, you would need relevant financial skills and qualifications, along with the general skills required for project management.

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IT Project Management

As an IT project manager you would be responsible for planning and overseeing the implementation of various IT projects. Part of your responsibilities would include selecting skilled and experienced team members for your project teams and maintaining open channels of communication with all project stakeholders.

The types of projects you might be involved in could range from implementing new systems, upgrading existing systems and installing new hardware, to implementing security, migrating servers and making bulk systems changes.

Keep in mind that there are more project management fields to enter – these are only a few examples. So do thorough research before you go ahead with choosing your career path.

Once you know a bit more about the different project management streams, you can decide which study options will best suit you.

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