How to become an Event Planner with little to no experience

Getting started in the events industry can be tough, but with some careful planning you can become a great success. Working as an event planner can be a fun and lucrative career path. Event management encompasses a wide range of duties and responsibilities. If you want to work in the industry, you can apply for event management jobs or start your own business once you have gained experience. Start your career by registering your CV and finding event jobs on Job Mail.

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1. Know what event management jobs entail

As an events planner you will be paid to organize events and meetings. Another title for this position is an event specialist. The type of events that you can be hired to plan can range from expos to corporate parties. There is also a huge market for wedding planners. Event planners co-ordinate the occasion from beginning to end. It is important that they consider every detail of the event. This includes finding a suitable location, hiring caterers and choosing the right music. Other responsibilities which are associated with this position are drawing up a budget and booking speakers.

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2. Get experience

If you don’t have any experience in the event industry it can be difficult to find employment. However there are other ways that you can get relevant experience and increase your chances of being hired. Start off by volunteering to help out with events coordinator jobs. Non-profit organizations may require you to assist with planning events for them. Helping a well-known events planner can also look great on your CV. You can get experience in the events industry by working for a caterer or florist. Working in different jobs within the events industry will help you to gain valuable insight into how everything works. Experience in the hospitality industry or in business management can also increase your chances of getting a foot in the door.

3. Build your skills

As an events planner you will need to have a range of skills. Knowing what prospective employers are looking for will increase your chances of being hired. Communication skills are essential for determining the requirements of clients. They are also useful for liaising with caterers, staff members and guests. You will need to be able to pay attention to detail, plan, budget and manage your time effectively if you are looking to build a career in event management. Some skills in marketing and public relations are advantageous. Taking courses to develop your skills can help you find your dream position. It is also essential that you can stay calm under pressure. If you have worked in a high pressure job before, then this will show your prospective employers that you are able to meet their requirements.

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4. Find work in senior positions

Once you have gained experience and built up relevant skills you can move up to more senior positions in event management jobs. Taking on a role with an impressive title or a position that has more responsibility will help you on your career path. Decide what kind of events you want to plan and choose positions which will develop your skills in that area.

5. Focus on networking

Once you have decided what kind of event you want to focus on, you can plan appropriately. Working with vendors and clients in the industry can present you with valuable networking opportunities. It is advisable to collect the contact details of key people who may help you in your career.

6. Build a portfolio

If you don’t have experience as an event planner a great way to showcase your talent is by building your own portfolio. This will show your potential employees that you have what it takes to get the job done.

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7. Train as an event planner

You can complete a course in event management to show potential employees that you have received the necessary training. Having the right qualifications is the first step to finding a great position in the events industry. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising can also be appealing to companies who want to use the services of an events planner.

8. Promote Yourself

You can get yourself known online through a variety of different platforms. You can register your CV on Job Mail so that you have access to potential employers. Another great way to become known in the industry is to create your own blog. By writing about events and event planning online you can gain contacts in the events industry. Add information about yourself and a photo to your blog so that people can put a face to your name. Social media can also be incredibly powerful in promoting your business, so utilise channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Although it can be difficult to get into the industry with no experience, it is possible to launch your career by working hard. Once you have gained relevant experience and proved yourself, you can enjoy working in this exciting industry as an event planner.

Looking for event management jobs? Job Mail boasts a range of event management and events coordinator jobs. Register your CV on and start applying for events jobs today!

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