How to become a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a property can be one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, and real estate agents help people negotiate what can be a very daunting and confusion process. Estate agent jobs are there to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers and to make the buying/selling process easy and convenient for all the parties involved. If you think that this is an easy job where you can make a quick buck then you had better rethink your career. It’s an unpredictable industry where the stakes are high and rewards are too. In this article we will explain how to become a real estate agent and what it all involves.


So what exactly is a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agent jobs involve bringing together the buyers and sellers of various immovable property. You job is to mediate this process, set up the appointments, manage any disputes and make sure everything is done legally and in line with proper procedures. These properties can encompass anything from houses in all forms, farms, factories to workshops, shops and offices. You are normally given a mandate by a property owner and your job is to find someone to buy or rent that property, depending on what the client needs.


There are many ways to advertise properties. You might have seen the agent boards outside of properties or the property adverts online. A great resource to use is online websites like Junk Mail for example. These websites already have a lot of buyers and sellers looking for property online.


You then market the property and show it to people that are interested. Your job is then to negotiate a price that both parties are happy with, coordinate the handover of the property and then get all the required legal documents like the lease and proof of incomes filled out and in order. You might also have to perform administrative functions like completing application forms for bank or building society bonds. Liaise with conveyancing attorneys and other legal representatives.

Only once this is all in order will you then make commission off of the total rental or selling price of the property.

What type of training or accreditation is required?

All prospective real estate agents must complete a 12-month internship with an estate agency that has been registered with the Estate Agents Board of South Africa. Once this is done you will get your FETC Real Estate NQF Level 4 qualification. To gain full status as estate agent, you must then write and pass the PDE or Professional Designate Exam at Level 4. After this you can submit your Intern Logbook (done during your internship) to the Estate Agency Affairs Board. The EAAB will then upgrade your status to a full status agent and you will then be fully qualified to apply for estate agent jobs.


Even though you don’t need a degree to become a real estate agent, it can be beneficial to look into doing this before you start doing your internship work. A BTech in Real Estate will allow you to have equivalency exemption from the EAAB for example.


Various organizations, like the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa, the National Property Academy and many other educational colleges offer courses, including distance learning courses, in all aspects of property salesmanship.

Pro’s and con’s of becoming a real estate agent


  • You have control over your own working hours and the freedom of being able to manage your own time. You can easily work from home.
  • You have inside information on properties and all the matters surrounding these in a particular area. You know what the best schools are and where you should buy next.
  • You have to deal with people so you learn a lot more than just how to sell property. You learn things like psychology, sociology and how to help people, just to name a few.
  • A lot of money can be made. Imagine getting 12 percent on a 10 million rand house for example.



  • You work very odd hours. Your clients all have 9 – 5 jobs which means you have to work around them. Say goodbye to weekends or your after hour hobbies.
  • You are dealing with other people’s money. If you make a mistake you could very well end up costing your client a lot of money. This also means that people will call you at odd hours to make sure their investment is all in order.
  • Stress is a very real threat here. You have to think on your feet. Imagine showing a client a house just to find a burst pipe in the ceiling. You have to be able to handle this very calmly.
  • Your income is heavily dependent on the current market. If people just don’t have money, you might go through a dry spell. Be prepared for periods of money drought.


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There you have it, that’s the lowdown on how to become a real estate agent. If you are looking for estate agent jobs then there are plenty of vacancies listed on Job Mail. Find the real estate agents position that will suit your qualifications and skills. Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for real estate agent jobs today!


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