How to Become a Professional Make-Up Artist

A professional make-up artist is someone who applies cosmetics, usually for special occasions, or for people working in TV, theatre, film, fashion or the modelling industry.

If you’re keen on working in the beauty industry, and you’ve decided that you want to specialise in make-up artistry, then you probably already know that it’s a competitive field – particularly when you’re just getting started with your career.

So, to help you figure out what you need to do to succeed in your career as a make-up artist, we’ve gone straight to a professional for some tips and advice:

Beautiful Girl

Luhanie, an employee at Oxbridge Academy, is a professional make-up artist in her spare time. She has travelled to Paris, where she was fortunate enough to see the backstage preparation for make-up shoots being done by well-known brands such as Armani and ELLE Magazine.

Luhanie explains that she developed a deep love for make-up artistry because of the fact that it allows her to be creative and to have fun while she is working.  She tells us that the “one thing that often happens when I am busy with a client is that so many women feel that they have to apologise for all their flaws and how they look. But when I have completed their make-up, and I see their reaction and witness their confidence blossoming, it gives me great pleasure!”

We asked Luhanie to provide us with some tips on how someone who is interested in becoming a make-up artist can make it in this competitive industry.This is how she responded:

  • “Someone once told me that it’s who you know that will get you far in life. Try to connect with as many make-up artists as possible. Take tips from the professionals and learn from them.”
  • “Always remember to market yourself as a professional and give your client exactly what they want.”
  • “The industry is tough and extremely competitive, so it is up to you to work hard and make a success of your dreams.”
  • “If you focus on giving each client your best, they will use your services again and will most likely spread the word about your services. Your professionalism will make you stand out as a quality make-up artist.”

Want to develop your own make-up skills? Study a part-time make-up application course with Oxbridge Academy, and learn how to:

  • Conduct yourself in a professional salon environment
  • Interact with your clients
  • Look after your make-up tools
  • Apply make-up for different occasions
  • Identify the right colour and type of make-up for different clients

To find out more about this, click here. Already qualified and looking for make-up artist jobs? Browse the health and skincare category on Job Mail.

Photo Credit: Michelle Du Toit.

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