How to become a Mechatronics Engineer

Mechatronics offers an exciting career path. This field of engineering is relatively new when compared to the other computer engineering jobs which are available. Mechatronics jobs in South Africa are found across a vast range of industries. Browse Job Mail, register your CV and you can easily apply for Mechatronics jobs. With the right qualifications you can also be eligible for Mechanical Engineering jobs. If you are trying to decide if this is the career for you, here is useful information to help you out. Whether you are deciding what to study or you are looking for a career change, learning more about Mechatronics can help you to make an informed decision.


Mechatronics is an innovative field that has recently become part of the engineering sector. It is a blend of mechanical, electrical, computer and control engineering which deals with devices. As an intensely hi-tech field, it is at the forefront of engineering and offers a fascinating and rewarding career path. If you have experience working in Electrical Engineering jobs you could complete additional training in Mechatronics to increase your chances of finding employment in this field.

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Mechatronics is transforming our everyday lives in a range of ways. Optical telecommunications are enhanced by Mechatronics and it also affects biomedical engineering. This field of engineering is broad and there is plenty of room for specialisation. Mechatronics jobs are also available in the toy industry. It is also useful for creating innovative devices that can serve a range of purposes. Since its rise to popularity in Japan, Mechatronics has caught the attention of the West. Its increase in popularity has created a demand for professionals who are working in this field.

This field of study deals with the interior operations of devices such as cell phones, computers and robots. Engineers in this field aim to increase the efficiency of intelligent devices and systems that are used in various sectors. They also strive to simplify systems and increase their reliability.


The career opportunities for Mechatronics are favourable as their capabilities are beneficial in numerous different industries. The tasks that are associated with this position include designing cutting-edge products. Mechatronic engineers are also responsible for liaising with marketing teams to determine what products are sought after. They are required to develop new ideas. It is important that employees in this position have some financial knowledge as they will need to keep within pre-determined budgets. Mechatronic Engineers work as part of a team to construct prototypes of their designs. Once the prototype is ready it can be tested and altered so that it works efficiently. An important part of the position is setting safety procedures and doing research. It is necessary for Mechatronics Engineers to clearly identify the benefits that their designs have for the company that they are working for.


While there are numerous advantages to pursuing Mechatronics jobs, there are also drawbacks. This position can be stressful as it has a high work load and it frequently entails multi-tasking. Some management duties are usually part of this position.

To excel at Mechatronics jobs you will need to be creative, intelligent and innovative. Communications skills and superior mathematical capabilities are also essential. An in-depth knowledge of physics and digital systems design is required for this position. A comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes and circuit analysis is also essential. Qualifications must be completed by an accredited training facility. It is also necessary to acquire a professional engineering licence.

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To pursue this hi-tech career you can study at various South African Universities. A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics is offered at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan and Stellenbosch University. UNISA is another option. Selected FET colleges provide training in this field. Typically these types of Engineers will receive training in parts of fluid mechanics as well as control theory. Computer programming is also usually part of the course. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, it is advisable to continue your studies to include a more advanced degree. This will increase your skill set and boost your chances of finding suitable employment. You will need experience as well as advanced qualifications and capabilities to secure a senior position. A Master of Science in Mechatronics is beneficial when applying for top positions. Expertise in signal processing and electromagnetics are beneficial. Careers in this field are also available to candidates who have completed other engineering degrees such as mechanical or industrial engineering.


You can find suitable employment vacancies on Job Mail. To get you started, take a look at the following position which is available for an Application Engineer:

Application Engineer

A vacancy is available for an Application Engineer in Midrand. Suitable applicants will receive a monthly remuneration of R15 000 to R25 000 as well as a company car and petrol. A Diploma or a Degree in Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering is required for this position. Candidates must also have knowledge of Solidworks. Duties that are associated with this position include helping customers to implement software and providing support on Solidworks. They will also be required to present training courses.


Ready to get started in Mechatronics? Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for Mechatronics jobs in your area today!

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