How To Avoid “Burning Leads”

Without even realising it, recruiters can very easily squander their hard-earned “assets” – their candidates –  simply by alienating them on the first call.

Recruiters need to realise that each candidate they deal with is potentially of great value and if the relationship is nurtured, have the ability to open wide doors of opportunity.

Here are some great tips for getting and KEEPING your star recruits:

  1. Make sure to  grab and hold your candidate’s attention during that first call:
    For an immediate impact, be descriptive. Use visual imagery such as word pictures, metaphors, analogies or even humour to evoke the potential candidate’s interest.
  2. Be well informed and speak knowledgeably about the position that needs filling: Know what you are talking about, and be able to answer any job related questions the potential candidate might ask. Also, rather than just repeating a dry set of specifications or departmental requirements, tell the potential candidate the story behind the job opportunity, and explain the dynamics of the people within the company.
  3. Stimulate your candidate’s interest and evoke referrals: People are naturally problem-solvers, and by getting the candidate to identify with your search and making them feel as though they can help, you are more likely you are to spark the candidate’s interest in a job or receive referrals to other potential candidates.

Incorporating these simple techniques into your hunt for that perfect candidate, you are sure to get the most our of your recruiting efforts, and form beneficial, long-lasting relationships. Presentation is key, and will differentiate a mere information broker from a proper recruiter.

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