How to Apply for a Job in 2017

When you apply for a job in 2017, it requires you to be internet savvy, from the company research and the vacancy searches to the application itself. We’ve outlined a few points for you to consider when you apply for a job this year:

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Don’t settle

Try to apply for jobs that are aligned with you and your passions, interests, values, talents and character. Don’t just settle for the first job that comes your way. Keep your options open while you apply, and apply for many jobs until you find a company in which you can grow, with work that you find compelling. Identify the purpose of your prospective company, and have a look at its history, ethics and potential. Don’t make a hasty decision.

Know what you require

Do you need medical aid, insurance or pension for yourself or your dependents? Most people do. Consider finding a company that offers benefits. Have an idea of what you require from your job compensation-wise before you start applying. In addition, do some research online regarding standard industry payment structures for your kind of skill set, field and level of experience.

Polish your CV online and offline

Updating your CV is no longer simply something you do on a document. Online CVs and LinkedIn accounts have become paramount. Ensure that you have a clean and professional online CV, profile or portfolio that stays up-to-date with your progress, and make sure that it is grammatically correct. You should also consider uploading your CV onto various job sites to stay updated regarding new job opportunities. For more insight and tips on presenting your best self in your CV, consider reading: What Your CV Really Says about You.

Clean up your social media presence

Make sure that your social media accounts are well-curated. Your Facebook timeline, Twitter account, Instagram and any other publically visible profiles are the first thing most employers look at. Consider making them private or going through your histories and deleting anything that could jeopardise your employment prospects. It’s almost equally important to check out your prospective company’s social media pages to find out how they have been received by the public.

Prepare for the interview

Preparing for an interview goes beyond Googling the company. Run through possible questions in your mind or in front of the mirror. Find out exactly where the place is and whether there’s parking available too. Plan your route and your interview outfit beforehand so that you’re not late. You should never find yourself scrambling the morning of the interview. Here are 8 Embarrassing Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. It’s equally important to show an interest in the company and to show that you have done your research. Asking informed questions can help demonstrate this. Here are 10 Things YOU Should Ask During a Job Interview.

Continue to upskill

The journey is not over after you get the job. In order to remain competitive, you should continue to upskill during your application process and during your working life via distance learning. This can be beneficial to your career path, whether you aim to improve your skillset in your current field or to expand it and branch out into a new field.

Lastly, remember to persevere. Apply for many jobs and don’t get demotivated. Job searching can often be a daunting and stressful process, so keep your goals in mind, don’t give up and good luck!

How to Apply for a Job in 2017
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How to Apply for a Job in 2017
A few points for you to consider when you apply for a job this year
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