How Studying Safety Management Can Boost Your Career

Studying safety management is a great way to branch out your career and take another step toward a more successful future. Here is how studying a Safety Management course can help boost your professional career.

1. It can help you become a safety representative in your workplace:

If you are a working professional, and you want to branch out into Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) or Safety Management, you can start by getting involved in your company’s Safety Committee as a Safety Representative. Studying a part-time short course in Safety Management is the easiest way to get the training you will need to do this.

Safety Worker

2. It equips you with additional skills:

If you are already working in OHS, a Safety Management course can help you broaden your field of expertise and develop new skills. You can even complete your course in SHE Awareness, HIRA, or Safety Audit Inspection while you work. This will not only increase your employability, but also your earning potential.

3. It allows you to brush up on your knowledge:

If you are an OHS professional who has been unemployed for a while, a short course or online course can be the easiest and most affordable way to brush up on your knowledge and skills without requiring extensive commitment. The fact that you have studied a course to keep up with industry developments will be a persuasive factor when the gap in your employment record comes up in a job interview.

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4. It can help you start your career in OHS:

Starting your career in OHS requires a certain level of training and qualification. You will definitely need to study an OHS or Safety Management course to qualify for work in this industry. The type of qualification that you need will depend on the nature of the role that you hope to fill.

5. It demonstrates your commitment

Studying while you work is one of the best ways to push your career forward. Besides gaining new safety management skills —which you can use in any working environment — you will also show your employer that you are driven, passionate, and able to take initiative. You might even get your employer to sponsor your studies through making use of the company’s Skills Development Levies.

Safety Manager Working

6. It allows you to develop managerial skills

Managers, in every industry and profession, are usually the highest-earning employees in an organisation. To go from employee to manager, however, you need managerial skills and training. A good Safety or OHS Management course will cover management principles, in addition to OHS principles. This, along with relevant experience, will enable you to move up into management and earn a better salary.

One of the best ways to study a Safety Management course, whether you are already working, or trying to get into this profession, is through distance learning. This is because distance learning offers you the opportunity to study and complete your course part-time, while you start building your career. If you are looking for distance learning OHS or Safety Management courses, then Oxbridge Academy is one of the colleges you need to consider. You can view their course list here.

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