How IT Technicians should prepare for an interview

IT-Technician-jobsIt is exciting but also very scary, when you finally get an interview for a job you had applied for. You have worked very hard, you have the qualification, you have some experience but you cannot seem to get over the anxiety of the interview.

For any career, interviewing for a job is always challenging. You never really know what they are going to ask and even if you anticipate the questions and ready your answers, it is still impossible to get around this section.

How do you get over the anxiety of an interview?

Preparation is the key to nailing any interview. Prepare two days before by laying out your clothes, making two copies of everything: your CV, ID document, qualification documents, and any recommendation letters you might have.

It is very important that you prepare, because you have less things to worry about and can focus on the interview questions and answering them appropriately.

The second thing you need to remember is that it is okay for you to be nervous. But do not let your nerves rule you. The interviewer does not know you at all. This is your chance to show them that you are more than what your CV says, you have the personality to grow and be amazing at this job.

So, when they ask you questions, listen to what is being asked and think of an answer. There is no rush. Rushing will only lead you to saying ‘I don’t know’ when you do know or lead you to making the famous ‘Uhm’ sounds. Calm down, breathe, think and then respond.

Interview questions and answers for IT Technicians

One of the questions that will definitely come up in an IT Technician interview is “What operating system are you familiar with?” This is not to deter you from responding ‘Windows 7 or 8’. But it is to see if you are moving in sync with the industry.

Information Technology is a changing yet timeless environment. You need to know the traditional things as well as the latest.

When you respond to the above question, make sure your answer includes something that is recent and something that is traditional, and in both instances make sure you give reasons why you think this is best.

Another tricky question for IT Technicians is one that questions your strength as an individual as well as one that questions your capability to work with people. As much as your skill lies in working with technology, most of the time you will be serving people.

The question “When you are solving a desktop problem, do you prefer to work with the end-user, your team, or on your own?” should be answered totally, covering your ability to work with the end-user, in a team and on your own.

And once again, like the above responses, refrain from giving one word answers, you shouldn’t be afraid to illustrate your point of view. Explaining how you do things, shows your understanding of the job and that is what employers are looking for.

According to the average salary for an IT user support technician aged 28 is R17 000 per month.

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