How Recruitment Agencies work

With 1 Four All Recruitment (Pty) Ltd‘s help we will be looking at what a Professional recruitment agency does on a day to day basis and how they work.

What are Recruitment Agencies?

A recruitment agency is a business that ‘works’ for organisations and other businesses. These agencies are tasked with finding the right candidates to fill the vacancies for the organisations and businesses they are employed by.

How does a Recruitment Agency Work?

Recruitment agencies assist organisations; companies and business find new Staff.

The organisation provides the recruitment agency with what is commonly referred to as a job spec

The job spec allows the recruitment agency to find the ideal set of candidates for a job in an effective and timely manner and at the same time eliminating those candidates who do not meet the requirements. Most recruitment companies still Keep the candidates that didn’t qualify for the position CV’s for up to 10days, in case of  any additional vacancies that might arise and then they apply on your behalf.

In order to increase the exposure of their client’s vacancy, an agency will use a number of mediums to find viable candidates, thus increasing their pool of talented professionals that are a great fit for their client as well as the position offered.

Agencies within the Recruitment industry will advertise vacancies for their clients using a number of media forms including advertising the vacancy in local and regional publications (press), networking, which help recruiters build up a base of highly talented professionals, and even word-of-mouth.

Another popular method used is advertising vacancies on websites like Job Mail and leveraging their online capability through forming partnership agreements with online recruitment portals.

Finding that perfect Candidate

Once recruitment agencies have identified the ideal candidates for the vacancies they need to fill, the pre-screening process starts. Pre-screening is an extremely rigid process and involves the recruitment agency meeting and interviewing each individual.

This ensures that the candidate is truly a great option for the vacancy as the agency, with Job Spec in hand, was able to fully assess the potential employee. Once the pre-screening process is complete, the agency will identify which candidates are best suited to their client (and the Job Spec), providing them with a shortlist.

Presenting these candidates is also done in an extremely professional and detailed manner. Each candidate will be presented to the agency’s client with an up-to-date CV, a detailed profile that includes an appraisal of the candidate’s career choices, skills and soft skills. This detailed profile on the candidate will also include information on his or her suitability for the vacancy.

Some agencies within the recruitment industry will also secure references for these candidates, ensuring that the relevant information for a potential employer is gathered and accurate. This process is usually conducted telephonically, but can also be done in writing if it is requested. Other checks also done by an agency include credit, criminal and education / qualification checks.

It is vitally important for a recruitment agency to maintain a good relationship with their clients. Agencies require feedback about their candidates from their clients for a number of reasons.

The Job Mail team wants to extend a very special thanks to 1 Four All Recruitment for their insights into an industry they excel in.

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