Hospitality Jobs: A thrilling, dynamic and growing career

Hospitality jobs are something you hear about quite often, but what exactly does a career in this industry entail? Today the Job Mail team not only takes a closer look at what Hospitality and Hospitality Management are, but also looks at Hospitality as a whole as well as the different types of jobs and career options within the industry.


What does a career in Hospitality involve?

Before we can dive into the different careers within Hospitality, we first have to get a broader understanding of what Hospitality is and what the industry involves.

The Hospitality Industry is used to describe a very broad collection of fields and careers within the Service Industry. These fields within the Service Industry can range to include Event Planning, Catering Jobs, Cruise Ship Jobs, Tourism sectors and even Accommodation and Lodging.


*NOTE: If you would like to learn more about working on Cruise Ships, be sure to read our post titled ‘Get to travel the world with Cruise Ship jobs’.

As a whole, the Hospitality Industry is focussed on clients and customers, as well as the happiness and satisfaction of these clients and customers.

So, what do Hospitality jobs entail? This specific industry is broad, which means that it includes a magnitude of exciting careers – from restaurants and hotel jobs, to event management and finding employment in Hospitality Management.

Taking a closer look at the Industry as a whole, you will also find that it can commonly be divided into broader categories. Some of the bigger categories in the industry include Travel and Tourism, Food and Beverage, Hotels and Accommodation.

The Different Jobs and Careers within Hospitality

Divided into subcategories of the industries, we have highlighted a couple of interesting jobs and career opportunities below:

1. Hotel Jobs

Look at a Hotel as a big city. As a big city with different sectors (like the Bar, Bedrooms and Restaurants), it requires staff to ensure visitors are happy in every single sector. This gives rise to a large number of careers and exciting job opportunities.


Management positions usually found in Hotels range to include Hotel Mangers, tasked with overseeing the entire hotel operation with other managerial staff reporting to them, and Accommodation Service Managers, also referred to as Room Division Managers. Also note that Hotels will also have kitchens, requiring the use of Restaurant managerial staff like Food and Beverage Managers.

If you are a quick thinker, a hard worker and love working with people, working in Hotels are a great opportunity. Aside from Hospitality Management jobs, other positions available include room attendants, housekeeping staff, receptionists and even kitchen based jobs like Chefs and kitchen assistants.

Guests Liaisons, Concierges and Porters are also just some of the job positions offered by Hotels. Learn more about these types of jobs by reading our post titled ‘Find Jobs in the Hotel Industry’.

2. A Career in Events

Events also form part of the Hospitality Industry and play host to a number of different career opportunities. An exciting field to work in, it opens up an interesting career paths within Event Management.


Like with the other categories in the Hospitality Industry, Events range to include a large number of roles – from the arrangements and venues, to structures and even the food served.

While an Event Manager or Organiser is in charge of actually coordinating a specific event (like a wedding, corporate parties or product launches), the Event Suppliers are responsible for providing everything that might be needed for the actual event.

Catering jobs, also classified under the Food and Beverage Categories of Hospitality Jobs, involve preparing food, drinks and any other edibles for events (which include parties and weddings).

3. Food, Beverage and Restaurant Categories

Starting off by taking a look at Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Pubs, the various jobs and roles available in this category of the Hospitality Industry include everything from waiting staff and bartenders to hosts and hostesses.


Some of the Hospitality jobs within this category of the industries include watering positions and kitchen porters. This category of the industry also allows for specialisation like that seen with Chefs in the form of Pastry Chefs, Sous Chef and, at the top of the food ladder, the Executive Chef.

Other awesome specialisations in this category include Baristas, Mixologists and Sommeliers (also known as a Wine Steward).

In terms of Hospitality Management jobs, professionals here include Food and Beverage Managers, responsible for food and beverage orders as well as the finances of that department. Food Service Managers take on responsibilities that include managing and coordinating food supply, while Restaurant Managers are responsible for tasks that include the operation of a restaurant, quality standards as well as administrative duties.


If you are looking for part time work, also consider having a closer look at Restaurant and Hotel jobs in your area. Some hotels might be looking for part time staff in Waitressing and Bartending positions.

Want to learn more about these types of jobs? Read our blog titled ‘Fulfilling careers within the restaurant industry’.

4. Tourism Jobs

Tourism also forms part of the Hospitality Industry. This category on its own is also a broad one, offering great opportunities for those of you that love working with people. Tourist Services offer a great opportunity for people that have an intense passion and love for their surroundings. From Guide jobs to working in Tourism Information Centres.


Within the field of Tourist Guides, you will also find exciting subsectors that range to include everything from an Adventure Tourist Guide to a Cultural Tourist Guide. Professionals in this sector of the Tourism Industry have the opportunity to specialise in different fields like Culture, Adventure and Nature.

Other positions that might also fall under Hospitality jobs include Tourism Operations Mangers, Tour Managers and Tour Operators.

Keep in mind that the Hospitality Industry includes a wide range of subsectors and categories. Gaming (like casinos) also form part of the Hospitality Industry and offers a range of career opportunities of it own.

A closer look at Hospitality Management

What is Hospitality Management? Very simply put, it is described as the study of the Hospitality Industry as a whole. Within this, Hospitality Management can range to include a number of subcategories (or businesses) like Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and even Casinos.


While studying towards a qualification, you can expect to take on a range of subjects like Culinary Studies, Food and Beverage Services, Nutrition, Accommodation Management, Industry Law and Hospitality Financial Management, to name but a few examples.

Like seen earlier, Hospitality Management jobs can also be found in a range of environments. From Hotels and Restaurants, to Casinos and even within the Tourism Industry. Keep in mind that every department needs a manager.

Graduates with a degree in the Hospitality field can usually find employment at Catering Companies, Tourism Offices and even Leisure Centres, to name but a few of the many work environments, subsectors and categories.

If you are interested in Hospitality Management jobs, it is advised that you complete a degree programme or other tertiary education. Your options in South Africa include (but are not limited to):


  • UNISA: Offering a Bachelor of Consumer Science (Hospitality Management Stream), you will have subjects that includes Business Management, Food Preparation, Geography and Tourism, Event Management and even an introduction into Housekeeping, to name but a few subjects.
  • Central University of Technology, Free State: Here you will find a National Diploma: Hospitality Management programme which include subjects like Culinary Studies, Hospitality Health and Safety, and Service Excellence.
  • Durban University of Technology: Here you can choose between various programmes such as a National Diploma on Catering, Hospitality or Tourism Management. The DUT also offers Bachelor of Technology programmes.

Before choosing where to complete your studies, remember to do your research. Look through what courses and programmes are on offer, as well as the subjects and fields of studies it covers.

The benefits of working in Hospitality

Hospitality jobs are without a doubt demanding, but these types of jobs are also fun, each with its own set of awesome benefits and advantages.


If you have a love for working with people, hospitality is definitely the way to go. Working with people on a daily basis, you will be able to communicate with a wide range of people from different cultures, backgrounds and even continents. Because Hospitality is all about customer satisfaction, you will have the opportunity to truly bring happiness to people.

Creativity also forms a part of the Hospitality Industry. Creativity is what brings a unique experience and professionals in the industry – from food and drink to management – you will have the opportunity to truly bring an experience to life.


Many positions within the industry also allow for travelling – like cruise ship jobs for example – giving you the opportunity to see the world, meet new people and broaden your own experiences and knowledge.

You will also have some freedom to move around within the different subcategories in Hospitality – from working in a Bar, to Catering jobs, to Restaurants to high class restaurants.

The Hospitality Industry is also a great place for entrepreneurs. From small Bed and Breakfasts, to a Catering Business and Event Management.

Interested in Hospitality jobs or qualified for Hospitality Management jobs? Register your CV on and apply for interesting opportunities and exciting careers today!

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