Horticulture: Start your career in plant science and aesthetics

A Horticulturist is someone who applies scientific knowledge to the cultivation and propagation of plants, fruits and vegetables. From landscapers to agricultural scientists, there are a range of job opportunities in this field. The position that you are eligible for will depend on your qualifications and experience. If you are interested in Horticulture, it is advisable to find out more about the different career opportunities in South Africa. Here is information about what a job as a Horticulturist entails.


A career as a Horticulturist can be fun and rewarding. If you love plants and being outdoors, then becoming a Horticulturist is a great option. Although some positions require degrees, you can also find entry-level jobs in this field. Under the guidance of a manager, you will perform a range of duties in the garden. Finding entry-level horticulture jobs will enable you to get hands-on experience and earn while you learn. Work experience will enable you to gain valuable skills and knowledge. While starting salaries are moderate, there are opportunities to obtain managerial positions and a generous income. If you are dedicated and hardworking, Horticulture offers an appealing career path.


Typically horticulture jobs combine an in-depth knowledge of plants and physical work with the aim of creating beautiful outdoor areas. The responsibilities of a Horticulturist vary according to individual employers. Typically, the responsibilities of a Horticulturist include overseeing the maintenance of outdoor areas. Landscape designers also play an important role in Horticulture as a Horticulturist may be hired to design and set up attractive outdoor spaces. Another responsibility which is associated with this position, is training new workers. Horticulturists may be required to use chemicals and operate irrigation systems.

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Once you have decided to become a Horticulturist, you will need to find employment opportunities. Farms and nurseries are a good place to start your job search. Private employers also hire horticulturists to work on their property and maintain their outdoor areas.


If you are passionate about plants, why not explore the option of becoming a Horticulturist? Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, you can find suitable employment opportunities online.

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