Help Reduce SA’s Unemployment Rate

Analysts have indicated recently that the South African Unemployment rate is at 25,7% (in the 2nd Quarter of 2011). Employment in July 2011 was down for the third consecutive month although jobs in the public sector grew, according to the latest Adcorp Employment Index released recently.

Job Mail is doing its part in trying to reduce the unemployment rate by bringing together Employer and Job Seeker. We need all our employers help to upload all the vacancies. It is to your benefit to upload ALL your vacancies and not only the best paying positions. This will help to make a bigger impact in reducing the current South African unemployment rate.

Job Mail has simplified the process of uploading vacancies on our website. You can do so by following the 3 following steps:

Step 1: From the home page click the “Place Free Ad” link

Step 2: Complete the advert details

Step 3: Fill in your company/ private details to enable you to log in later to manage your ads and applications then finally click submit

So, you see, it’s really quick and easy to place vacancies on the Job Mail website. Should you have any further queries about this, E-mail

Recruiters, Place Your Free Advert Today and do your bit to help reduce South Africa’s unemployment rate.

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