Helicopter Pilot Jobs: Let your career take flight

Are you passionate about aviation jobs? Why not consider a career as a helicopter pilot? This exciting career opens up plenty of interesting employment opportunities. Before you decide whether you want to pursue this career or not find out what it is all about.


A closer look at Aviation

Aviation involves the design, manufacturing and operation of aircrafts. Helicopter pilot positions are just one of the many thrilling aviation related jobs that are available in South Africa.

Commercial helicopter pilots can find positions across a range of industries. Relevant industries include health care, agriculture or entertainment. Helicopter pilot jobs include passenger transportation and aerial photography.


As a helicopter pilot you could also find employment with a radio or television station. Another duty that helicopters can perform is transporting cargo. You could also be tasked with conducting aerial surveys. Tourists hire helicopter pilots for tours or to transport them to remote game farms.

How to become a Pilot

To be eligible for pilot jobs you will need to complete training. A pilot’s licence as well as a medical certification is required. Training can be carried out at a flight training school. The military also offers training.

Outstanding vision and hearing is necessary for these types of aviation careers, helicopter pilot jobs being a great example of this. To qualify as a pilot you will need to match stringent physical requirements which include 20/20 vision. Excellent spatial orientation is also necessary for aviation professions.


Superior co-ordination skills are required to perform the tasks that are associated with this position. To succeed as a pilot you will need to be responsible and self-motivated. The job of a pilot is both physically and mentally demanding. It demands the ability to deal with emergency situations and handle pressure. Pilots must be alert at all times and they need to pay attention to details.

Working as a Pilot

An advantage of this job is that it may involve travel to different destinations in South Africa or even to other countries. If you travel to other countries, you will be able to experience different cultures and meet new people.

The disadvantage of aviation jobs is that they come with risks. The risks associated with the job depend on what position and industry you are working in. One example of the risks involved is potential exposure to harmful chemicals during crop-dusting in the agricultural industry. Helicopter pilots can also suffer from hearing loss.


A vital part of helicopter pilot positions is upholding a high level of safety. Pilots must complete pre-flight checks to ensure that the helicopter is in excellent condition. It is also important that they follow safety procedures at all times. The pilot is tasked with the protection of the helicopter, passengers and cargo. They must stay in communication with tower control personnel at all times.

Pilot jobs also entails communicating with weather forecasters and dispatchers. Prior to the flight the pilot will decide on a course which they will then communicate to the tower control. Details of the course will include take-off and landing details. Pilots are also tasked with maintaining log books.


Your experience as a pilot has a large impact on the employment opportunities that you will be eligible for. If you want to progress to a senior level position you will need to start logging flying hours. The more hours that you have logged, the more eligible you will be for high ranking positions.

If helicopter pilot jobs sound like the right career for you, why not contact your nearest flight training school to find out more? Once you have chatted with the instructors at the school you can start training and eventually start logging flying hours. Whether you travel to new countries or work locally in agriculture, helicopter jobs offer rewarding career opportunities.


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