Health and Safety Jobs in South Africa

During the festive season health professionals are often busier than other months in the year. As the end of year celebrations start, there is an increase in alcohol consumption which often results in more medical emergencies. Drunken driving is a leading cause of accidents during the holiday season. Health and safety jobs include doctors and paramedics. If you want to apply for safety jobs in South Africa, make sure that you have completed the required training.



Doctors examine patients so that they can diagnose illnesses and propose a treatment plan. An increase in patients during the holiday period may be due to seasonal allergies or because people require prescriptions before they go on holiday. Doctors in popular holiday destinations may see more patients, because of the people who are visiting the area. To study medicine, prospective students must complete Grade 12 with a University exemption. Superior performance in Maths and Science is also a requirement. Students must excel in academics achieving at least 85% for their final results. An applicant’s community service, additional training and hobbies are also taken into account. The MBChB is a six year programme followed by an internship, as well as community service. Doctors who have completed the MBChB and internship can choose to specialise as an anaesthetist, psychiatrist, paediatrician or a radiation oncologist. Employment can be found in hospitals, ships, private practice or in nursing homes.



Due to holiday celebrations and an increase in reckless behaviour, paramedics are often busier during the festive season. There are also more people travelling on the roads during this period which increases the number of accidents. Paramedics respond to medical emergencies and are usually the first medical professionals at the scene. Paramedics assess the patient’s injuries and stabilise the patient before they are taken to hospital. Paramedics are required to complete training before they can apply for jobs. The Emergency First Responder Level 1 course is the minimum requirement for Paramedics. Paramedics can continue their training by the Level 2 and Level 3 courses.


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    I got BAA course, what can I do to find jobs?

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    I have level 1 first aid I’m looking for work all over the country to assist and to upgrade my level of qualifications

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    I have level 1nurse aid, I’m looking for work around Pretoria,including home nursing

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    I do have a certificate in auditting health and safety

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